• Compared with not eating at all? Yes.
  • Well if you don't eat you will die so in this way it prolongs life. However you do need other foodstuffs for other essential ingredients not provided by fish. I am not aware of any scientific study that has been made to prove that people who eat fish live longer than people that do not.
  • Yes, fish is a very healthy food that can prolong your life expectancy. The only downside is that your skin can become scaly.
  • Fish have a vitamin called Omega 3 fatty acid in them that the body actually needs to maintain healthiness. You can get the vitamin from other resources, but fish has the highest amount in it. All in all, I'm sure eating some fish helps with the quality of life and may elongate it a tad bit.
  • I believe it is because fish has little or no fat in it. There are some fish that are very fatty..but in general fish is considered a fat-free food whereas other protein choices like beef/pork/lamb/turkey/chicken have varying degrees of fat. Fat clogs arteries and leads to heart problems. If you eat fish you tend to weigh less which is also better for the heart. :)
  • I eat tuna and salmon all the time.To much fish could be unhealty tho with all the mercury in fish nowadays."Keep fit and have fun" - Body Break
  • Could be, but it's not worth it.
  • Fish oil is very beneficial to your health, not only that but fish is a very lean source of protein.
  • Sounds fishy don't believe first studies.
  • I've sure heard that, and semi believe it; as I do with the latest other hot item of the week which proclaims the same. +5
  • For everyone but the fish.
  • I don't know about all that, but I hear that it is beneficial to your eyesight. =]
  • NOT for the FISH it don't,,,,LOL
  • there is a mercury problem that needs attention when eating fish.
  • Everything in balance -- wild fish is one of the few food sources left that offer the full spectrum of minerals as nature intended us to get them from food -- that's because most other foods are raised on processed feed, or fertilizers. But avoid farmed sea food... it's only been fed processed food, anti-biotics and most likely -- food dye. But you shouldn't eat sea food every day: due to pollution -- sea food now contains more mercury than nature intended.
  • I dont think so.
  • No. A healthy diet includes 1/3 third vegetables, 1/3 fruits, and the other third divided between meat, fish, chicken and other low fat protein sources. Exercise is a major factor in long life.
  • what fish are we talking about?? Codfish?? yes,the oil is good for your brain's health but doesn't actually elongates life.. It makes us healtier so we can somehow live our life to the fullest.. Blowfish will shorten your life for sure.. you'll be dead minutes after you eat it
  • Not the life of the fish you just ate...
  • "Prolongs," not "elongates". Fish can be part of a healthy diet, and a healthy diet may help people live longer.
  • What...did you get a thesarus for your birthday?

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