• No, but it shatters my soul.
  • I'm going through that right now and yes it is driving me crazy.
  • That happens to me a lot
  • Yep and it just hurts not to. But I end up getting over it.
  • Yes, but I don't let it drive me crazy. It's just never going to happen.
  • Not to me personally, but that is exactly how my friend felt when her baby was born prematurely, and in an incubator. Nobody could touch her at first, and she said it was like having a million dollars behind glass, where she could not touch aching and a yearning inside.
  • oooooh yes!
  • Y'know this happened to me not so long ago. We were at a Town meeting and at the VIP's table sat a redhead. Early in the meeting she and I made eye contact which carried on for the length of the time we were there. I would look and see her looking, I would look away, or she would look away. At the end of the meeting the VIP's were leaving, I was sitting on the edge of the aisle, facing away. As they passed I felt fingers running through my hair, it was her. From that day to this, we never laid eyes on each other again. Phew.
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees makes me stir crazy +5
  • Yes. Sometimes I feel like I need to be in one of those jackets that make you hug yourself: lol.
  • yes ~~ the youth pastor at my church!!! He is smokin' hot but he's married so I leave when he preaches in the main church service. Then I spend the rest of the day taking my thoughts captive! LOL!
  • Yes I have but it makes me sad not crazy.
  • Needed no. Wanted as in desiring it yes. When you say need I think of someone that is neurotic and NEEDS to touch someone or something bad will happen. Anyway, yes I have and it drives me crazy and it is the best feeling there is. Desiring someone so much that you cannot function normally and it is almost hurting you. Makes me feel alive. What is even better is the moment you finally get to touch someone. A mixture of dopamine and adrenaline racing through your body, better than any drug. Why buy if you can make it yourself :P
  • Yes, every single night. But I try not to get too worked up about it. Soon enough we'll be able to touch again. Until then, hearing his voice is comforting enough.
  • Yes, but i don't want a domestic violence charge on my record. Drives me nuts.
  • Yes I wish I could be with someone who is in another country and I feel I could explode!

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