• Why not? They pay for our K-12 schooling. That used to be enough to make American kids competitive, not anymore. So yes I think they should, offer to assist anyone who wishes to go, and can prove a basic ability to pass the courses.
  • Quite honestly? I feel the government should offer a yearly 'refund' of part of the college fees a person paid, out of pocket, IF they remain gainfully employed or are physically unable to work, from no fault of their own. This would 1, provide another incentive to go to school for everyone, 2, provide another incentive to stay employed, 3, provide a bit more income for people that are actually disabled, and 4, increase the job market because of the massive amount of manpower it would take to track how much each person spent out of pocket (not counting grants or scholarships), divide that by the average number of years a person works in their lifetime, track them to be sure they ARE working or disabled, and then see they get their money.
  • This is not Russia. We are an independent nation of people. This is what private enterprise and personal choices are all about. Once the government socializes medicene, whats next? Personally, i have enjoyed my freedom choice of doctors and colleges to attend. Keep America.........America and leave the socializing government to the Russian people.
  • Tough call. In my opinion I think that too many people with a college education might make the US less competative. By that I mean if everyone had a degree, then who would be reamining or willing to do the unskilled labor?
  • lol..and where do these people think the government gets this money to pay for healthcare and schools and college? the government pays for nothing...they just mandate how and where they spend AMERICAN'S money...and line their own pockets at the same time.. and NO..i do not think we should have to pay for 'college' is the most we should ....someone wants college, their family should provide it or they should work their way through....
  • First off it is not the government paying for these services, but the combined taxes of the people paying for this. Or in the case of Iriland the Irish Sweepstakes. I woud rather see our tax money go for health care and education than on war and bail-outs. This country could easily pay for both on what the government has borrowed from the Federal Reserve for quite a few years and even longer considering the billions in interest we are paying to the Fed. Remember the Federal Reserve is a private corporation that controls all the currency it issues and does so at interest.
  • I hate this health care, cause I see the abuse in medicare and medicaid all day...College some states I believe give free college..I like competion, its good for the econmoy and education system...Remember govn. programs are lacking that competion they don't care if anything gets done or not..
  • It's not exactly the government that pays, more like tax dollars being distributed as the government sees fit. As of right now, the government does subsidize some people's college in whole or in part, including a small part of my own. I don't support a public option for healthcare, by the way.
  • mine does :)
  • Do you know what the Silent Majority is? There are a lot more than a "few people" and the government is not footing the bill, it still comes from our taxes. There are some very good models being set up in other countries where schools are free. Check out South India. There are very excellent school systems put into play at present that are free from grade school up to top university and, hopefully, the rest of the world is watching.
  • Yes! now a days you have to have a degree to get any type of good job, meanwhile people are bankrupting themselves or mortgaging their homes to the point of losing them, to seen their kid to college. plus the govenment has the money to flush down the toilet on programs like NASA and huge payrolls for themselves. I think the government needs to extend the school system to include "Public College" this would help the low income and at the same time the competition would force the big name colleges to lower their tuition fees.
  • they already do with grants and loans
  • Up to a point. Stupid injuries should be paid for by the stupid. College and university education is an investment by the people, the country and the individual. Of course the government should source it.
  • OH HELL NO.....if you wanna go to college, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND WORK TOWARDS'll appreciate it much much more...and besides, college DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU A POSITION IN YOUR FIELD...LOTS of burger flippers with college behind them!! if you want it bad enough, you'll go out and work for I did!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The government has taken over education only since WW2, and the medical business only since about 1990, and both of them are no longer worth a damn. I was a chemical engineering major, junior year, and the professor thought it necessary to explain to us that we should not expect much from our teachers because they didn't get their jobs by being good teachers. That was when I dropped that major and went to another school (which also had lousy teachers). The government ought to get the h*ll out of both businesses.

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