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  • More info: not much experience but with longer term gf's who were on the pill- before I knew it I'm in my late 30s and have no idea how to use condoms/size them normal size are extremely tight (thank you God) but I assumed I was using them wrong my current gf recommended "beyond seven" so I got some, and some Trojan magnum they end up pretty tight also, or maybe I'm just not being careful enough putting them on? I guess the pantyhose/tubesock is a good way to describe the fit... Should they need to be stretched around as they're put on? Or able to just kindof roll on?
  • And I'm not talking about 1970's Dr.J tubesock that is pulled up to the knees and is basically as tight as a nylon...
  • It should be tight enough to make a seal that doesn't leak, so no slack at all on either the sleeve or the cuff.
  • Not falling off, not spilling, not hurting.

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