• My life motto is: When it rains, prepare for a typhoon. I never could figure out why everything goes wrong at once, cant you space it out some, so I dont lose my freaking mind.
  • maybe you need a DVD or bluray player?
  • I reckon that the powers that be know when money is tight and like to chosse that moment to spring all the necessary repairs, purchases and high rate phone calls on you.
  • "When it rains, it pours."
  • VCR... what's that? But seriously... you may have a problem with your input power. Get someone to check your power. If you have large "spikes" on your 110 Volts AC power it could cause faults in everything electrical that you have plugged into it. If your phone is "old style" (no power required) then this isn't the problem with it, but it certainly could be with your other appliances. Also, if there are significant "spikes", your local power company may be liable for some of the cost of replacing your appliances. Hope this helps.

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