• St Valentine
  • Don Juan and Rodolph Valentino are the only ones who come to mind right now.
  • Just wanted to point out that Don Juan was not a real person and Giacomo Casanova was.
  • Romeo and Juliet were not "playas" like Cassanova but were passionate lovers of history(even the fictional kind)
  • Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, Bobby K. Donald Trump? Liz Taylor. Genghis Khan's DNA is said to be present in millions of people. Zsa Zsa Gabor................... EDIT: Just for everyone's sake: I'll add Prince Charles and his long time girlfriend, before and after Princess Di, LADY CAMILLA!
  • Rasputin the Russian Monk had a good rep.
  • Hugh Heffner Wait... would Hugh Heffner count as a lover? hmmmm The women must see something in him or maybe it's just his millions...
  • Queen Alexandrina Victoria and Prince Albert. 18 Children, he died of typhoid fever and she withdrew from the world. Not even opening Parliament in person as she was asked. The builder of one of the most beautiful structures in the world. The Taj Mahal. Built by the Shah Jahan for his favorite wife. Mumtaz Mahal. This is a story worthy of writing about. She came to him as a young bride of many wives. Became his favorite, he gave her his full heart of attentions. Then she died suddenly as a complication of childbirth, he never recovered. He ordered the best of everything for her tomb, sparing no expense, nearly driving his kingdom broke for this one grand effort. Such was his love. He was deposed by his son (Worried about bankrupting the country? I don't know.) He was imprisoned across a river.. can't recall the name of it.. from the tomb of Mumtaz In his remaining days, he had his bedroom situated so he would look upon it first thing in the morning and the last thing he saw when he went to bed at night. Legend has it that he was found dead, sitting in his chair looking upon the Taj Mahal (later named that, after he was buried) with his eyes open. His last sight in this world was looking upon his most beloved wife. He died with her in his heart and in his eyes-- years after she had gone. Another great love was an unnamed pet and his master. This dog (an akita? I think it was..) would accompany his master to the train every day and arrive 1/2 hour before the train and would wait, and walk home with the man. One day, an event happened and the man died away from home. The dog came to the train as normal, and waited ..and waited...and waited..then went home, alone. The dog continued this for years. Finally getting so old that he could not go up the stairs. But people would help him climb and he waited until it was past time and the dog again would give up and go home. Finally one day, the dog never came. He followed his master, finally. Another great love story that needs to be told....
  • My husband;)
  • I went off on a tangent, sorry. Went for lovers in love. Not horn-dogs. Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) Mata Hari (Okay, she was a prostitute and paid with her life, but still... THOUSANDS paid for her services) Mae West Donatien Alphonse François (Famous perv.. Marquis De Sade) JFK Holms, John (Died of aids... ) Hm... James A Garfield... kid out of wedlock became president. They tried to exploit it and he said "Yeah? So? Junior, come live with me!" Ghengis Khan (Most children fathered in history it seems. So he was busy off the battlefield too!) Hmm... Now I am at the end of my memory for real life lovers. Mythical ones... Zeus. He spent more time knocking up mortal women than any three other gods of Olympus. Gave a whole new meaning to "Ride 'em cowgirl!" Except no cowgirls back then... Circe- she turned men into what they really were. and what was the name of hte father/mother of the first Centaur? Or Minotar? Gotta be tough to do that! A little beastiality there for you real pervs... R & J of course. Achilles To name a few. Now I Have to go look it up.

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