• I would love to say no, but I cant. I have seen some people go way overboard with thier pets, to the point they kick the spouse out of bed, so the damn dog can sleep there.
  • Not me sorry!!!lol no pets Mr.Cotton!!!M happy...he he
  • Nope! :)
  • No Cotton; I don't love my pets too much... at least when people are looking :-)
  • Definitely. Have you ever seen the dog whisperer? People let their dogs rule the house! a lot of people love their pets too much and want to be close to them all the time. They don't stop and think - am I spending too much time with my pet, causing my pet to become clingy and dependent? It's exactly the same with children.
  • Some people do, yes. It's one thing to love your pet but I've seen where some people have gone way over the deep end, to the point one has to question their soundness of mind. The diamond studded cat or dog collar, the $10,000 dog house, going to the Butcher everyday to pick up tenderloin for the cat, covering their walls with pictures of their pet and adding a new one everyday, the $20,000 burial plot and shrine, leaving their estate to their pet - in their last will and testament.
  • No I don't think so ... but perhaps I DO think so. If you take on a pet then you are responsible for them. They rely on you to take care of them ... to feed them ... and especially when they need to see the vet ... On the other hand ... when they look at you with those appealing eyes ... what more can I say :-) I took on a rescued dog and because of her backgrond I couldn't help but take special care of her and PERHAPS loved her too much.
  • I think it is possible to love them too much, to the detriment of other relationships. Sometimes they are loved to their own detriment. I am thinking of those that cannot bear to part with pets when it is obvious the animal has no quality of life left and has no hope of recovery. This is a selfish love. If an animal still has some enjoyment in life I would do all I could to keep it that way. When that spark goes then I do what is best for the animal, not for me.
  • No, I really don't think you can love your pet too much. Others here have mentioned how some people lavish expensive gifts, food, ect., on pets, but I believe many do that type of thing more for showing off and bragging than to really do it for the pet. I mean really, the pet doesn't know the difference in a diamond encrusted collar and a plain one. Pets love US unconditionally, are faithful and loyal-it's only right that we show them the same! They deserve our love and attention-play time, too. That's all they ask, is our love, food and shelter, and a sense of well being.
  • Nopity nope...we can't love our kids too much either! :)
  • No! Though I've been accused of it! I do refer to my dog as my baby! LOL!
  • No you can't love your pets too much... though you can spoil them... but that's different than love.
  • yes I got mine some beautiful flowers the other day and the floppy the dog eat them.
  • Yes, it's called bestiality and it's illegal in all 50 states.

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