• oxymoron sentence
  • Yes, if she thinks that he is a loser maybe she should be looking at herself.
  • Uh, yeah. For sure.
  • Uhh yeah. However living with mommy won't stop a guy from digging for clams. But a guy who lives with mommy won't have to worry about a girl bouncing on his pogo stick. It's that good ole double standard. However I won't date chicks who live with their parents either.
  • Abso-freaking-lutely!
  • Yes, it is hypocritical, BUT, whether it's hypocritical or not makes no difference. It's her decision to make.
  •   I personally wouldn't be interested in a girl who has never lived and worked (or studied) on her own, away from her parents. I say "girl" b/c she is still a child. Women who interest me have traveled or lived outside the country (not just Mexico or Canada), and are familiar with most of the following:   * politics * art, music, literature, poetry * history, geography * science (e.g., geology, paleontology, anthropology, astronomy)   I can't imagine spending time with a girl who has allowed herself to live a sheltered life, protected by her parents. What does she have to offer?  
  • It is definitely hypocritical, assuming the reason she won't date him is because of the living situation.
  • Just a bit......between the two of them, they should have plenty of money to go out and do things.
  • No, it sounds like good sense to me.
  • Yes it is.
  • Absolutely not. It is practical. I mean where are they going to go. Motel rooms are very expensive no adays :)
  • yes what is good for gander is good for the goose.
  • it does indeed sound like that chick might be more interested in procuring a nest than a new bird
  • Uh...yes.
  • I don't think so ... Women expect MEN to be employed and have a home etc. to show that they are stable and able to maintain and support a woman and possibly a family ... IF a MAN still lives at home .. it kinda shows that he is not ready to be HUSBAND material and settle down . +5
  • I don't think so
  • Call a spade a spade
  • yes +5
  • No it isn't. A hypocrite is a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess. It just means that she wants her partner to have something (his own place) which she does not have. There can be a multitude of reasons for her refusing to date somebody who still lives with his own parents. These are not necessarily hypocritical reasons, or a double standard. Perhaps she wants her partner to provide her with a kind of security she cannot get for herself?
  • Yeah. Of course I can see her logic in that. Where would they have sex if they both lived with their parents?
  • I think the major component for me in the "still" living at home part. Especially if they're both students. I think it's hypocritical to expect the man to be on his own, when the woman clearly isn't able to be on her own. This being said, I've recently moved back in with my parents to be able to afford my first year of school. After having lived on my own since I was 18 and able to sign a lease. So it would be hypocritical to rule out any man who is doing the same... but, I wouldn't be able to date a man who has -never- lived on his own and always have mommy there to care for him. I did it once... it was not pretty. If there is a reason to still be living at home, besides being a bum unable to keep a job, than I wouldn't hold it again him... but if the only reason he is still living at home is cause mommy will cook for him and it allows him to have a more expensive car... forget it.
  • sounds like it
  • Probably unless she's 15 and he's 35, and in this day and age some children help take care of their parents it would all depend on the situation

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