• Got too close to the edge.
  • Murder is a reprehensible act to commit, but if you've been pushed past your limits then anything is possible.
  • maybe a bad childhood, an abusive relationship, a large secret held in by a family member or someone close to them suddenly revealed or maybe just a lot of stress and problems building up
  • An event that they cannot cope with.
  • Either religion or women.
  • i think a murderer is never a "normal" person..
  • In reading Elisabeth Kublier Ross's book the Wheel of Life, she details going to a prison and living there for 30 days and talking to convicted murderes and finding that almost all of them were physically or emotionally abused as youngsters.She found them needing to express anger and rage in order to start the healing process. She then tried to instill love and provide compassion to break the cycle of hatred. It is a symptom of unresolved anger. lashing out and hurting or God forbid killing another person. It is im-ortant that we care about one another in our daily lives. even stranngers. it might be the only compassion they have to latch onto. which instills a sense of self worth and gives them ability to love other people
  • The person is angry at humanity because he was denied love or was a victim of emotional or physical abuse. The only cure is to provide love unconditionally. as hard as that may be.
  • An attack or abuse of a dear child or other family member. I know of a killing by a very upstanding man...of a man who raped his underage daughter. He was given a prison term, but it was not severe. Yes, he should have let the law deal with it, was an extreme case...and he was not a man to take things gently in this kind of situation. I think many men can identify with him.
  • Does this make me normal, if some one killed one of boys I will kill the person who did it, do the time. I may get longer now, that Ive written this and that I may have to make them suffer too! If I do this it would be God will, I might not when it come to it but I would gain some thing from this, even if its to replace the pain of losing my son.
  • I don't think normal people can be made to murder. I believe that the insanity defense applies to anyone who murders. I think we can just throw that defense out as useless, because it applies to all murderers and we still have to figure out how to keep innocent people safe from them. Normal people are able to assess the consequences and decide they don't want to pay them. Normal people are able to put themselves in someone else's shoes and decide that they don't want to cause others grief and pain. Normal people are able to find other ways of handling the situation. Now, notice that I am talking only about murder. War and self defense are different situations. The Bible draws a line between the two and I think common practice does too. Murder is a predatory thing. Murder is valuing another human life as less than your own. Murder is allowing yourself to think that it is okay to take the life of another human being because they are inconvenient to you, or even just because you want to, you get a thrill from it, you get sexual gratification from it. War and self defense are a totally different thing. I think any normal person is going to defend themselves when attacked. I would say that war has parallels, at a state level, with both murder and self defense. In any war, there is likely to be an aggressor nation which is likely committing murder at a state level. I think Hitler would be a good example of this. He wanted what his neighbors had and he was not above killing them to get it. On the other hand, his neighbors had little choice but to defend themselves or be wiped out. And many other nations got involved because they knew that if they didn't, they'd be the next ones to be killed, or because they couldn't stomach what was happening and wanted to help.
  • In my case I would kill anyone who abused my grandchildren....
  • Maybe jumping the gun a little on how normal they really are?
  • The need to avenge
  • I believe that many if not most are very capable of murder and at times I would ask why more don't. Like many things in life including murder and sanity there may only be only the width of a cats whisker of seperation betweenm the two extremes. I don't agree with your premise that a normal or average person cannot kill - it happens all of the time. +5
  • Anyone is capable of murder. There was a very good documentary a couple of years ago that showed perfectly 'normal' people who, due to circumstances had ended up murdering someone. They didn't set out to do it but that is what happened. An example of this was a 30 year old whose mother disliked and complained about every single girlfriend he brought home. Finally, as she started up again about another one he lashed out in a fit of rage and her head hit the wall and she hemorraged and died. Another man didn't mend the gas flue in a flat he rented out and the tenants were asphixiated. It can happen to anyone anytime. Beware!!;)
  • Being trapped and abused. Someone who tries to hurt or hurts a loved one. +4
  • Having to deal with auto repair shops. LOL Hi Suby.
  • Constant nagging. +3
  • A @#$%-load of anger?! ;-)
  • Being rejected constantly and being forced into a life of lonliness. that will breed resentment with society real fast, and in some cases justify murdering some one.
  • treating that person in any way other than what a "normal person" would be treated. would you consider murder for a "common good" as normal or murder?
  • There are many things that can just be THE "breaking point" for a person ... The death of a loved one , being just plain evil and/or greedy, revenge , etc ... +5
  • Drugs, severe head trauma, brain damage from trauma or disease, severe stress, etc.
  • many things, but for one, a woman (or should I say, a significant other) i dont know about murder, but I have wanted to get revenge on one before
  • Money and/or woman

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