• I put my own together with the parts I wanted so i guess you could say my next computer will be the same brand of the best parts and pieces.
  • I have a new packard-Bell laptop which I am very happy with. If I were to change then I would go for a MAC but all my applications for work are configured to windows so it's easier to stay put :)
  • My computer is made up of my own selection of parts.
  • depends on the price
  • yes I have become a mac user and wont be going back to a pc ever.
  • I've had no problems with my HP PAvilion over the last 7 years (cross fingers now I've said that out loud!) so would definitely consider another. However, as with all major purchases I do research them well beforehand, so that I can make the best choice for me.
  • Have HP (pc), really like it. But would like to get the Toshiba Tablet Lap Top
  • I have a mutt. Half Gateway and half HP. Who knows what tommorrow may invent?
  • Computers are nothing but Chinese made parts in different shaped packages...I have no brand loyalty when it comes to a computer.
  • Acer's done pretty well for me, so I might stick with it
  • No way! Not with the piece of junk I've got at the moment! lol
  • I had a dell inspiron laptop and I have a mini aspire mini. I'm thinking of getting a macbook later on.
  • Yes. All the computers I have bought are used from eBay, and Dell OptiPlex. The only thing that changes is that I always buy up to a better model. Always a better CPU, more RAM, and so on. Each PC lasts at least three years, which gives plenty of time to save up for costly one.
  • Depends on the price and value
  • No way. I currently have a 1.5 year old Dell, and it is easily the worst computer I have ever had. A week after the warranty expired, I tried to bring it out of sleep mode, and it couldn't detect the hard drive! I opened it up, checked the cable connections, and crossed my fingers as I pressed the power button. It took a couple of tries to get it to boot into Windows. There have been several other incidents where I have had trouble getting it to boot or come out of sleep mode. Needless to say, I am vigilant about keeping important files backed up for when, not if, the computer craps out on me. My last computer was an ASUS, and I got 8 years of trouble-free service out of it. I feel like I'm on borrowed time with my current machine. I don't know what brand my next computer will be, but it won't be a Dell.
  • Yes, I already got a PC waiting to replace the current OptiPlex 960 running XP Pro. It's Dell Optiplex 7010 Mini-Tower, Quad Core i7 3770 (3.4GHz), 16GB DDR3 SDRAM, 1TB Hard Drive: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. The one after that will be a custom build I'm slowly buying the components for.
  • well dell works ok for me
  • With luck I'll have enough $$$ to build my own again. (Best PC I ever had was one that I built out of reputable but inexpensive parts.) Otherwise I'll get the same brand of refurbished: Dell. They might only last a year (typically), but they work well, and the prices are so low that I can afford to buy a "new" refurb Dell every year or so. (Note: my last PC build is still functioning, and I was using it daily for about 13 years before I retired it Now it's my backup PC.)
  • If I ever get another one I want a Mac. I've never had one but have heard they are great.
  • I've been using an Acer or a Dell. I'll stick with them.
  • I'm not brand loyal. I already got my 'next one'. Its an RCA. I got it when my desktop screen started turning pink and green where it was supposed to be white. Its good now, but I can use the little RCA while I'm on the treadmill.
  • My last was na HP and my new one is a Lenovo.

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