• because boy+girl=kid
  • I don't think opposites attract, it is just something people say and have said throughout decades. It is something like an urban legend. It doesn't happen.
  • Curiosity.
  • Sometimes people wish they had those traits that the other person has Sometimes the opposites complement each other: for example, the calmer person can soothe the more lively and vice-versa Curiosity
  • Having things in common gets a bit boring after a while. When you take a goody two shoes and a rebel and put them together you will find that they like the thrills and the differences. They experience different things every time they turn around.
  • Sometimes if people are too alike, it is too much of the same thing. People can learn from each other.
  • Opposites compliment one another. Parts of a whole. Yin and Yang.
  • I think that have opposite attributes from your significant other can lead to new and exciting things that you wouldn't necessarily try on you own but are willing to do for them. And it is fun to do new things and hear different perspectives. --- However, I want to make a comment on your premise. When speaking of couples if I say "Birds of a feather flock together" you can surely think of a few couples you know where you are like "Yes they are perfect for each other because they are just alike" Neither "opposites attract" or "birds of a feather" are necessarily true it is actually part of the way our minds work. When presented with a statement like either of the above we naturally focus on examples that exemplify the statement and not disprove it. As proof: Think of couples that have broken up because they are too different or too similar - there are most likely some in this category too which would act as a disproof of these statements, but you probably didn't focus on them till you were prompted to do so.
  • BECAUSE they're different. That adds spice to the relationship. "If two people constantly agree with each other, one of them is unnecessary."
  • It's hard to tell, but being different there is more curiosity. You want to explore what the difference is. By complementing the relationship might seem less boring.
  • Easy to understand considering how easily we become bored. We see someone different than ourselves and it catches our interest. It's what you call a "novelty." Over time you'll discover those "opposites" become a gigantic pain in the grass. The novelty has worn off. What BINDS the relationship are the things you have in common. Differences just keep things interesting.
  • Nature. Physics. Biology. What keeps opposites together is celebrating the differences as positives. Unfortunately, when a person is attracted to an opposite..and marries one..they then spend the next decade trying to change that opposite into a clone of themselves. That's how I make my living....trying to remind folk about what it was in the first place that attracted them to each other....and regaining that status. The 'cloning' is not healthy because either the weaker personality of the two becomes oppressed and overwhelmed by the stronger personality and does make the switch...but resents it forever, and depression/learned helplessness is an offshoot of this OR both are pretty equal in personality strength so they have a lot of conflict. Any examples out there?
  • Because an opposite can give you balance.
  • Oh boy. Well my b/f and i are complete ways. he gives me balance. I'm nutty and he's logical. it just works. its hard to have balance if you are alike, you just tilt
  • Because sometimes opposites can compliment each other.
  • It is an alien world to them.
  • It's because of curiosity.
  • I think it is because as partners those who are our "opposite" make up for each others shortcomings. Like an introvert and an extrovert for example.
  • Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
  • That's the power of learning.
  • it rarely if ever lasts
  • Generally yes, but you have to be careful how you define opposites. A positive electrical charge and a negative electric charge do attract, but both of those two things share more in common than any two random things. Namely, both are electrostatic charges. There are also instances of similar things attracting that are not opposites - for example, gravitation is a predominant force in our universe, but all massive objects mutually attract each other through it. So, in terms of social norms, a very masculine and a very feminine person may tend to attract each other, but this attraction may be hindered more than helped by cultural differences.
  • Do they?

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