• The pain will slowly fade, but it will never leave you.
  • I think the loss of a child is the hardest thing anyone goes through. If that has happened to you, my heart goes out to you. I will also say a prayer for you. + 5
  • I hope and pray I never learn that answer. I'll also pray for your strength to endure.
  • I wish I knew, Lynn. I lost my eldest son January 13, 2009, and I cry every day. I can't go on like this. It's just agony. I'm thinking of calling a therapist today for a good grief group or something. I just can't bear it. I think of him every day and when I think of him I cry from my sadness at missing him.
  • I think to be honest it will always leave its mark on you, but over a lengthy period of time you can learn to deal with it. My parents lost two children and it took them years to get over it, but although I don't know what goes on in their heads they seem happy enough with their lives nowadays.
  • I don't know,since I've never lost a child,but I only imagine the heartbreak.I never had children,but I mourn the loss of children who will never exist for me.I can only sympathize with others in this regard.*+++++*
  • When someone that you love dies it leaves a hole in your heart. At first, the edges of the hole are very sharp but, over time, remembering the good things, the edges smooth off and it becomes less painful.
  • Not for me! Fortunately I haven't gone through this and hope I never will. If it was to happen however, knowing myself the way I am, I would never fully recover. I can see how some people can end their lives over it as a friend of mine did 11 years ago! And even though I am against suicide, I forgive him!
  • No you will not "get over" it. But, that doesn't mean your life is over. You have to keep going, find new interests. Do something that would make your child proud of you.
  • You never get over the loss. You slowly learn to function again and to continue on through the pain.
  • The grief and associated sense of loss stays for as long as we feel the loss.
  • I have lost my child years ago and I still grief for him in my own way. You learn to live on, but the pain never dies.. I will take it to my grave.
  • I cannot be in your shoes and exactly experience your pain. I can tell you that my heart has been ripped in two by sorrow due to deaths that I have never gotten over. Those deaths are now in a place where I not only can function, but can connect to a peace about them. Your child is happy. Believe your child is always around and you will be with that soul again. Don't take my word for this, find out for yourself. Go seek out a person that can connect your child to you that you can trust, if that sounds like something you are open to. Read books by John Edward. Pray to God for a path to make you heal. Don't despair. Go to groups where you can share and help others in your position to heal along with you. You are not a victim here and you are not alone.
  • lynn, I am so sorry. I can't help you but know i will be thinking of you
  • I will never get over the loss of my 26 yr old daughter who died last year. She left behind a husband and 2 children who I pull strength from. I also lost my own mother when I was 15 (now 54) and know the loss my grandchildren will feel. I will never get over the loss of loved ones I have had over the years but I am forced to live with the loss to allow my grandkids to have a hopefully happy life. The loss of a child is the worst thing anyone can go thru and I have been thru many. Good luck to all that experience it Forever Megan's Mom
  • I don't believe one can ever get over such a horrible loss but I believe somehow people find the way to move on. But you'll always have that hole in your heart. I've never lost any and pray I never will but I came close to loosing my daughter at 4 years of age. I remember staying with her in the hospital day and night and feeling that I would gladly take immense physical torture than endure the possibility of lossing her. My insides felt ripped apart and she wasn't even gone. I pray you and your family find some comfort in the good memories someday. God Bless.
  • No, death is a mystery and the worst of all losses. We just exist and don't know why. One day we smile at something or someone. One day we can give a little to someone else. Then we exist some more. We start to live life again, but when we are reminded or think of the loss, it was as if it were yesterday, or this morning or one minute ago that it occurred. . We keep on living and don't know why. We grab parts of life that make us forget, but we never want to forget completely. We are strong and sometimes, by our experience, we help someone who would not make it if it had not been for what we had been through. We need each other. Only we are able to ease the other person's suffering because they know we have been there.
  • I feel the exact same way I also lost my oldest son ag 17 only 6 months ago andstill I xry every single day. his bday would b this sunday and he was killed on sunday n a terrible car accident. if you canfind any comfort please share it with me I could use it. I pray for understanding and to be at peace with this every night and I just cant understand y the Lord took my baby before he ever even got to see his own son walk and now my grandson has to growup w no father
  • Its been 10 years here and I still think of him often and have dreams of him. It never leaves you, but, it does get easier. For me the first few months were totally surreal and constant misery. It was a year before I even had moments of feeling okay. At 3 years I realized I was having good days sometimes, and it got easier from there. At 10 years, anniversary dates like his bday are still hard.
  • It depends on how you define the term "get over." That phrase means different things to different people. It depends on your emotional stability and perhaps your support network. A grief support group and individual counseling helps exceedingly well.
  • i dont think anyone ever gets over the loss of a child
  • It will never leave us. 03-24-17

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