• The Jews are of the House of Israel. As such, they are the chosen people of God. However, as the Bible clearly shows, the Israelites went through many periods of apostasy. During these apostasies, they turned away from God and rejected His prophets relying instead on the wisdom of men to interpret scripture (if they paid any attention to the scriptures at all). The latest and longest lasting of these apostasies was the one that led to their failure to recognize the Messiah when He came and caused them to crucify Him. Most of the Jews are still in the midst of this apostasy. This, however, does change the fact that they are still of the House of Israel and, therefore, God's chosen people (along with all of the other tribes of Israel). Someday, when they are sufficiently humble, God will set about to reclaim them. When will this happen? Only He knows, but it will happen. The Bible tells us so.
  • As a man interested in the LDS Church, History etc... In my experience many religions call thmeselves "THE ONE" but they arent like the LDS because we have living Prophets not dead ones..
  • The following link is what the LDS Church say: has various articles about Jewish people....
  • SHORT ANSWER: Yes. But MormonS think that they are the "grafted in" inheritors of God's Covenant with Israel due to the Jew's Apostate rejection of Jesus as Messiah. This "grafting in" was through the tribe of "Joseph" (through Manasseh) in LDS Doctrine. LONG ANSWER: From WikiPedia: "Latter-day Saints believe themselves to be either direct descendants of the House of Israel, or adopted into it. As such, Judaism is foundational to the history of Mormonism; Jews are looked upon as a covenant people of God, held in high esteem, and are respected in the Mormon faith system. The LDS church is consequently very philo-Semitic in its doctrine. Mormon beliefs regarding their membership in the House of Israel are generally rejected both from a theological and cultural stand point by the Jewish community. This concept of claiming membership in the House of Israel produces various interfaith problems. Though conflicts exist, relationships seldom if ever rise to the level of Anti-Semitism or Anti-Mormonism. ...LDS assert peaceful coexistence with the Jewish people, whom they recognize as Israelites who simply never lost the knowledge that they are Israelites. The Church is consequently very philo-Semitic by doctrine, and the Jewish people are generally held in high esteem; they are looked upon as a covenant people of God. Latter-day Saint places of worship are frequently offered to Jews for their use in religious observances or celebrations[citation needed]. According to Orthodox interpretations of Jewish law, however, a Jew is forbidden from entering another religion's place of worship for most purposes."
  • Middle length answer, read the New Testament where Paul talks about adoption into the Abrahamic covenant. It's the longstanding discussion about Christianity's relationship to Judaismm, whether circumcision was necessary, etc. From the Christian perspective, Christ is the fulfillment of the law.
  • Yes, we do believe the Jews are the chosen people of God. That is the Tribe which God chose to send His Son into the world. But that does not mean they are righteous by any means. In fact the Book of Mormon states they were the most wicked of all Gods creation. And the only people of His creation that was wicked enouigh to crucify the Messiah. But we are the One and only true Church on earth today. And at Jesus second coming, a majority of the Jews will become members of the LDS Church as well. Many will join even before that and will help to rebuild their Temple, prior to Jesus' second coming. whew4

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