• get better deodorant, eat healthier, excercise lots, STOP STRESSING!
  • Try disolving a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water and rinsing with it after you have showered and before using deodorant. It might help.
  • Go for a stronger deordorant. For example, I tried Axe and the stink went right through it. It's been Mitchum ever since.
  • the three best ways are a dietary change that includes a downtake of complex animal byproducts and an uptake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; shave and exfoliate regularly, as this does cut down on smell; and try one of these, they work well for me: takes a couple of weeks to start working though.
  • Change your diet. Read Fit for Life. Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Old but good.
  • change your deodourant try an alchohol free one
  • Drink more water, exercise, and eat healthier.
  • You're probably using too mild a soap and terrible deodorant. Get something like Safeguard soap and instead of deodorant get an alum stick to use. Deodorant is not the same as antiperspirant. If you've constantly sweaty armpits then deodorant will do nothing but mask the smell for a while.

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