• i thought dogs were domesticated before recorded history but that's a guess.
  • oh, man, when did they domesticate cats?! :)
  • Dogs were, cats really weren't and arent domesticated. They tolerate people, but rarely respond to demands or requests.
  • Certainly it must be the dogs. The early hunters and gatherers had uses for dogs. And the dogs did benefit teaming up with the hunters.
  • When civilized places started storing grain it attracted small rodents that also brought with them their predators CATS. So domestication of cat soon started after that. Our oldest civilizations were around 13 000 years ago. Dogs were used as hunting tools back when hunting and gathers were still dominant. There was a copesetic arrangement between them and us. This predates the agricultural movement so Dogs may have been domesticated in a lose fashion long before the cat.
  • Dogs. Cat weren't domesticated, they chose to live with man
  • Dogs. I saw a documentary on this on HBO one time. They said dogs have been with man since man came into existence because dogs eat bones, and wherever man went, they left bones. So naturally, men started using them to help them hunt, and therefore kept the dogs alive and didn't hurt them. The bond was made forever. Cats had to be forcefully domesticated because dogs will eat cats.
  • Dogs were domesticated around 12,000 BCE, Cats around 7,000 BCE (by the Egyptians)
  • Dogs were domesticated about 12,000 years ago. Our earliest evidence is from Iraq and Israel. They were the first domesticated animals. Cats were domesticated between 2,000 and 3,000 years ago in Egypt. They were one of the last groups of animals to undergo artificial selection.
  • egyptian cats?
  • You think cats are domesticated...(?) (lol)

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