• You started the infection, so you've earned it.
  • the children of our lineage is our immortality.
  • Congratulations!!!!
  • LMAO! I wasn't ready for my 10th grandchild either, but he came anyway. My older grand daughter is 19, so I know something of how you must feel. But at least you got to see him, and that's something I may not be able to do.
  • How wonderful. Congratulations!!!
  • Many congratuations John. Your 'about me' sounds just like my husband. He played guitar in many many bands
  • you have been blessed ! congrats ! to have life to see this is wonderful.
  • Congratulations on your new edition. It sounds like Jesse did not bother to ask if you were ready for him or not. LOL! Since I am not getting any younger either, I can relate. +5
  • Terrific news!! Congratulations!!
  • Many, many CONGRATS and what a blessing, John! My 2 daughters are married now and my son goes off to college in 2 weeks. None of it bothered me until I turned 50 this year (and, suddenly, age started meaning something, LoL). No grandkids here, yet, (they seem to be concentrating on buying their 1st homes right now, even tho my youngest daughter DID start talking the "baby" talk just recently). But, I've been told grandkids AND great-grandkids are wonderful ... and my wife can't hardly wait for them, so maybe yours and our life experiences will be beneficial to them. Especially, your experiences. I can tell from your well-meaning and well thought-out answers and comments, that your grandkids AND great-grandkids will benefit greatly from their G-Pa! Have any of your grandkid/kids mentioned any interest in law enforcement yet?
  • Congratulations! I hope you get to see and be around your great grandson often. I have a great grandson who is about 5 yrs old now. I have seen him twice in his life. this is not by my choice, I have begged to go see him and my grand daughter and daughter but they are all too busy for me to give a damn! So enjoy your great grandson and love him and take him places and have fun with him! You will never know when your grandkids are too busy to have time for you!

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