• Because Republicans are trying to find fault in the Democratic president, much like everyone else found faults in Bush. The only difference is Bush's faults were all true.
  • Because you have to be born in America to be eligible to be the President of the USA.
  • The extremists who are opposed to Obama are still trying to invalidate the fact that Obama WAS born in the U.S. and that he won the election fare and square by popular vote.
  • Because some people have no lives and just won't let this go. As if the powers that be would have let this slide by, with all the Republicans just chomping at the bit to take him down for any reason they could, truth or lie.
  • i would say hidden racism that is still deeply rooted in many areas of this country. factor in the republican losses in 2008. Our country is competent enough to back round check these sorta things. we found sadam hussan hiding in a hole in the middle of nowhere im pretty sure that someone woulda notice this when the democratic party was vetting obama before he made his historic bid for president.
  • Not a short answer but you did ask... Bush was a disaster of catacosmic proportions and the Repugs now it. In fact, it was that single reason that caused them control. They have nothing on Obama except that he's black and they want to capitalize on that but without saying so. In come the corps of hate-mongering and brainwashing: Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, et al. and they zero on this one little thing (pretty pathetic actually that is all they can come up with) and the rest is history. Of course, they try everything they can no matter how dishonest and repulsive and they don't let any stones unturned so, they've also now recycled he same things that were said about Bush - rightfully so - and are throwing them unto Obama...sad, really, that they can't even come up with something original other than the birth certificate. These freaks have destroyed this country, they have sold it out to the corporations that now run it and still, they're not happy with the damage they've done. If left to their devices, they won't stop till they world blows up because underneath all, they're eagerly waiting for the Rapture and one way is as good as the other one if they can finally float up into the sky to be with Jaysus.
  • the only ones who are making any fuss about it ( even after it has been proven where he was born )are the Right Winged Republicans who cannot believe a Democrat is President and worse a black Democrat is President and worse still is this black Demorcrat President is showing everyone just how inept the former Republican government really was ... and these things stick in their throats ..just like the truth, so they will try anything to make Obama look bad
  • Well, first, because he is the first President in a very long time who had a parent who was not a U.S. citizen. (This has happened before, by the way -- President Chester A. Arthur was continually plagued by rumors that he was born in Canada. His father was born in Ireland and immigrated to Canada. At the time, the principle in U.S. citizenship law was that children born outside the U.S. always inherited their father's citizenship. This was changed in 1935, and that change was made retroactive in 1991. But throughout his presidency, Arthur was confronted with allegations that he was born in Canada and was therefore a British subject, not an American.) Oddly, John McCain actually was born outside the United States proper(he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, which was then a U.S. territory). No one questions whether he meets the natural born citizen requirement (I certainly don't, and although I'm a Democrat I'd defend him to the hilt if anybody did) but the question has actually never been adjudicated all the way to the Supreme Court, so technically his status is a bit more ambiguous than President Obama's. Second, there are people who simply do not believe that most Americans could get beyond his mixed-race (or Black) ancestry or his name to elect him President. This relates to Sarah Palin's pointing to what she calls "real America" -- the America that cannot get past those things. Think of it this way -- if she didn't think that most Americans fit her definition of "real American" she would never have made that observation in the context of an election where the majority determines the outcome. There are people who simply can't wrap their minds around the idea that the son of a Kenyan former goat herder named Barack Hussein Obama (and an American anthropologist -- but they don't talk about his mother much) could actually be elected President of the United States of America. They're looking for some reason that will make this conflict in their own heads go away, and some of them are grasping at straws. Race does play a role in this, but racism isn't broadly acceptable anymore in the U.S. This issue allows people who do have concerns about his race to hang their concerns on a non-racial question -- and that is difficult for some to resist.
  • monkey see monkey do
  • Because he relishes the mystery of his nationality. Like all self-licking ice cream cones, he thrives whenever its all about him.
  • Personally? I'd say someone figured out that republicans are like pit bulls. That they can be trusted to latch onto anything even remotely controversial, in an effort to defame their target. (Clinton/Monica). And that over time, the more mysterious the allegation, the more chance one has to drag out the issue, the more foolish the person(s) who latched onto the allegation will look, when the final birth certificate is eventually released in full. Much ado about nothing, as opposed to something.
  • I think it is because of Obama's nature as well as because he hasnt kept one word of what he has said yet so it cause people to wonder what else is he hiding and its such a simple matter just show the document .But regardless of what happens with that he is starting to show his true colors and his his numbers are going down and thats from a CNN poll not fox

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