• I would definitely take it to a good dry cleaners and talk personally to the manager.
  • Okay, I found this: Cleaning Satin.—Satin of good quality may be cleaned very satisfactorily. Make a weak solution of borax by dissolving 1 tablespoonful of powdered borax in 1 quart of water. Stretch the satin on top of the ironing board or the work table and sponge it lightly, dipping the sponge into the borax solution and rubbing always with the grain of the satin and not across it. When the satin has dried, iron it on the wrong side only. This process is excellent for cleaning, but will not restore the color. If there are grease spots on the satin, they should be removed by a stain remover or an absorbent previous to sponging. Hope it helps! Good luck!
  • Ouch satin is very delicate and difficult to clean but not impossible. Try to spray the area with OXY-clean. that worked on my satin sheets.
  • if you just want to hide it temporarily try white chalk

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