• wide...lot of quiet..
  • Not qualities rather than I would make sure nothing crappy was goin' down in the house yo. Such as, mould in the corners, busted up ceramic in the bathroom, non working plugs, carpet that smells like cat piss, hobos in the closet or haunted ovens.
  • I would be looking for an apartment that has a big master bedroom, a nice kitchen, and living room. I would like the place to be nice and clean and ready to move into quickly.
  • Privacy. Quiet. Security. Space. 2 bedrooms minimum.
  • Room size, bathroom size, utilities included, nice windows. Not first floor.
  • Decent kitchen, decent bathroom: the others just are rooms, but these have functions that are vital! If the water doesn't run well, or if they buildup molds... Later!!
  • i would be looking for an apartment that has a bigggg kitchen
  • Security Privacy Good finishing Great Big kitchen Neat bathroom Must be on 2nd floor and above.. They're usually breezier with better view. Master bedroom has to be spacious.
  • A girl next door
  • security big good quaility kitchen good quaility finish nice size bedroom big living room 2-3 bedrooms.+5
  • Here is something I learned the hard way. Find out where the sun comes up and where it is facing on your apartment. I had an apartment that had no cross breeze and had to run the air conditioner a lot in the summer. I switched building later and hardly used it because I had morning sun and trees blocking the sun. You can save a lot of money if you don't need to run the air as often.
  • Good area, close to transport links, respectful neighbours, view, positioning for sunlight, space, sound-proofing, mod-cons, insulation.
  • Location - Cleanliness and maintenance around the bldg and common areas. Windows, ventilation, good sized rooms, toilets flush, appliances work - no funny smells
  • Spacious layout, Big rooms, at least 1&1/2 bath if two people moving in, lots of windows, as high up as possible (I mean elevator, not a walk up), a garage and a doorman building (if they have that where you live)! +5 Good Luck V
  • proximity to: work police and ems cleanliness of blg parking and lot security public transportation (just in case) part of town and I'd check stats on crime blg security including video surveilance, and or doorman.
  • convenience, the area is is located, the amenities, the price, and how do the lay out suit my personal needs.

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