• So, John, where's my money?!
  • I am NOT Lazy!
  • Laugh, and ask them who they are. ...If somebody said that to me, it must mean they dont know me, and they definatly arnt my friend. LOL. I think really I would just laugh. ...thats dumb, who says that?
  • Takes one to know one
  • to say to a girl - "you just wish you were hot enough to be a hooker" or to say to a guy - "your just mad that im lazy coz you're wishing i was entertaining you right now" or something along those lines
  • Striptease probably.
  • I'm sorry hun...Next time I will groan a little to let you know your in.
  • I'd have no choice but to start singing "I work hard for the money! So hard for the money! I work hard for my money so you better treat me right!" (bop bop, bop bop...bop bop bop bop) and like that. Then I'd just stand there blinking at the person and saying nothing, to make them nervous and have to say something. ((Although, this doesn't explain why anyone would call a guy a lazy hooker. But yup, that's what I would have to do about it. *slaps own butt, starts calling people 'honey'*

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