• Islam yes. In Islam, Jesus is a lesser prophet.
  • Allah created Jesus Actually : he create Adam without male and female he create Eve from male (Adam) he create Jesus from female (Mary) he create us from male and female he can create nothing even if there are male and female :)
  • who cares ... both are Myths
  • If we admit the idea that what the Muslims call Allah is the same as what the Christians call God, then: - as Jesus is God for the Christians, they consider Allah (God) to be exactly the same as Jesus. Well, actually Jesus is a part of the Trinity, but the Trinity can actually not be "separated". - as Jesus is not God, but only a prophet for the Muslims, they consider Allah to be much more powerful than Jesus - for an atheist that would admit the existence of Jesus (as a human), Jesus would be more powerful that God / Allah because an inexistent entity cannot have a real power.
  • Superman is the best Hobo Joe.
  • ALLAH Almighty is the GOD of Jesus (peace be upon him). Who does the Real historical Jesus (The Messiah) call his God? ALLAH (Alaha, EL Lah) is the highest name of God of Abraham in Aramaic and Hebrew which the Messiah Son of man used and when translated from Hebrew to English it is written as EL Lah which stands for LIVING GOD in Hebrew or to be more precise, THE ETERNALLY LIVING One, that alone encompasses all Godly attributes. Now the name can differ in writing but when correctly pronounced it is the SOUND which matters. "O God" = "YA ALAAH" (in aramaic: the mother tongue language of Jesus) ALAAHAA (in aramaic) = God Check it here in this Christian website (hear it with your own ears) Also, check this Jewish website (hear it with your own ears) stating that Allah is name of God The original name in the Bible for GOD is not "Yahweh". It is "Allah". See the proofs from Jewish and Christian sources here: Want to hear with your own ears again? Try verse Deuteronomy10:17 God your Lord is the Eternally Living God (ALLAH) of Gods (the Ultimate Supreme being) and the highest possible Authority. He is the great, mighty and awesome God, who does not give special consideration or take bribes. A Jew explains why Allah is the true name of the one and only God. Watch and listen to him here Finally, this is a clip from the "Passion of the Christ" movie, watch and hear then you can answer this: Did Jesus say " ALLAH" ? (see and listen for yourself)
  • By this comparison, Allah forces Religion, while Jesus respects your decision. So you decide who is more powerful to save from your own freewill. It's very easy to know who holds the title of the Savior of the world.
  • 7-12-2017 Nobody even knows for sure who Allah is. Most likely the crescent moon. The father of Jesus makes it very clear that He is the God of rightness.
  • I think God is the most powerful, Jesus next, and then Allah.
  • Of all the comments, not one cites scripture...and scripture is all we have to figure out all the players... There can be only one creating God. And he has a name. Exodus 6:3 And Jesus is his son, who was created to be alongside him [ Jehovah God ] right at the start of creation. Proverbs 8: 22-31 So Jesus was in existence and was SENT to us to ' buy back' life for us... Jehovah has exalted Jesus to be the King both in heaven and on the earth of the Kingdom...What we J.W's preach about...MATTHEW 28: 19,20 Matthew 24:14. People have to be told... The term " Allah" translates as " God"... But the term is only a title...and the true God, Jehovah, does not want any form of revenge, killing or otherwise... And HE wants his name covered up. (Isaiah 52:5)
  • No. Jesus Christ is the son of God and is now ruling as the King of God's Kingdom in the Heavens. Allah, is just a title. If you know your Bible, there are many scriptures to prove that Jehovah God is the Almighty God - Psalm 83 v 18. Also in Isaiah 42 v 8 tells us "I am Jehovah. That is my name; I give my glory to no one else, nor my praise to graven images". Jehovah is the Grand Creator and constructed all things in heaven and on earth. So compared to Jehovah and Jesus, Allah is powerless.
  • Jesus is a prophet of Allah. Even in Christianity, Jesus is not tantamount to God.... despite most Christians today believing otherwise.
  • "Allah" is a Sir or Mister... It is Arabic for " God"...a title. *** Bible Citations *** (Exodus 6:3) And I used to appear to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as God Almighty, but with regard to my name Jehovah I did not make myself known to them. Islam does not really know who it is communicating with.

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