• My kitty cat does that and when she does she is usualli just playing harmlessly..
  • More cats do this than you think. I went to my vet and asked him why this was. He tols me that it was a type of seizure. Nothing to worry about. He said that when certain cats are touched certain ways they cant help it. Kind of like when you get a dogs "spot". They cant help but shake thier leg. same type of thing.
  • My cat does that. They're just playing with ya'!
  • Perhaps shes telling you that she doesn't like it
  • My cat does that every single time I rub her on her belly, you don't have anything to worry about. If I rub her belly, she starts kicking my arm away, she grabs it with her paws, bites my arm and doesn't let go, sometimes breaking skin if its hard enough. When I do let go, she looks at me, cries then rubs her head on my leg, she wants more attention, then continues to bite me again. Its his way of playing with you. Some cats are agressive like that, especially my cats, and they're females.
  • She must be a homophobe
  • it is a way of showing affection. they bite at you because it is what they do to get knots out when grooming them selves. they do it to you because they want to groom you. the claws may be to get you to keep still.
  • I think it's a love thing, as in kinda like part of what they do when mating, they bite and hold
  • According to a cat book we just received as a gift, cats' tummies are vulnerable when they are in full attack (on their back, claws facing their target). This can illicit an "aggressive" instinctive response typically involving grabbing & biting the wrist and kicking with his back legs. The degree of playfulness depends on the cat and how comfortable he is with you. Some enjoy it despite their instinct to fight back (in your case), whereas some simply do not enjoy it at all.
  • They like to play with their food before they eat it.
  • If I run my foot lightly over my cat's belly, she stretches full out and loves it. If I use my fingers, she wraps her paws around my hand and bites.
  • Cats do not like their bellies rubbed. It is a vulnerable spot and unless a cat is laying in such a way as to invite a soft stroke on its belly, you are going to get attacked. Better not to do it because he is letting you know he doesn't like it. He can't speak so that is his way of communicating to you. Rub behind his ears or under his chin instead.
  • maybe she dont like her tummy being rubbed

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