• Definatly a yacht, the sea is a mysterious place. And it's very calming. Planes relate to me as just being in a hurry to get to point A
  • A private jet, so I could fly it. Really really fast. I can't be in the air force and I so wish I could fly a jet--
  • A yacht would be purely for my pleasure. A private jet would be the most practical option. I would pick the ship. :-)
  • Toughie, but I'd say a jet. It'd get me to many more places.
  • A Yacht. It would just be more worthwhile. You could sail around and live on the yacht. If you get a private Jet, you have to fly it to a destination then find accomodation etc etc. PLUS yachting around the globe is much more adventurous.(sp?)
  • Before I'd decide I'd like to go for a test flight/journey for a week and I let the sales person know which one I want! Lunch in Paris, anyone? However, I am very concerned about the environment so I'd gather some information about which one is less polutive and this will play a huge part in my choice.
  • I'd have a big sailing boat. Much better for the environment than a gas guzzling jet.
  • A yacht, you can live on it and have parties and concerts on board.
  • I would love a yacht, but it would be more reasonable to own a jet, you could make money off chartering it when you weren't using it. Both are so expensive to upkeep and it's harder to charter your yacht out. Although cost aside, I'd rather have the yatch because I adore the water and I live right on the Atlantic. It would be so awesome :o)
  • Yacht! Oh the joy one would bring as I sail from port to port during the day and be rocked gently to sleep come night!
  • A sailing yacht.
  • I love flying jets, and driving boats, but think my own yacht would be more fun overall. The yacht could be used cheaply while anchored. Not the case with the jet. The fees at the airports alone would really add up.
  • I cannot afford any of them so guess I cant qualify to own any of them...
  • ooohhh a jet! :)just think of all the places you can go!
  • a boat all the way...whats better than cruisin the pacific coast from tropics to the alaskan tundra? man, I can daydream about it now......

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