• You live in China - right?
  • Actually Jehovah's Witnesses target Asian-Americans. I hide from them.
  • Yes, you can have mine. +3
  • You made a rhyme!!! I haven't seen any in my neighborhood in a while either.
  • It's funny you asked this question today, just this morning some came to my door!
  • Consider yourself lucky! LOL! I had to chase them away from my house and I my driveway is like a mile long with no trespassing signs!
  • Good job!!! You scared them off!!! What did you do so I can do it too?
  • I haven't had one come to my door in over ten years.
  • I have to chase them away from my mothers front door at least once a month.
  • sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes Is it legal to beat them with a bat yet?
  • Oh yeah... I was courteous one day and allowed them to speak to me. Then it was a weekly visit and I got a gift a Bible then they wanted me to take my crucifix down and convert... I was done. Had to keep still in the house and they knocked for over 10 minutes...WOW
  • Just this morning. 9 am. yup
  • Yes, they do. The last time they showed up my daughter called our cat (Diablo) and they haven't been back since.
  • You must be in the wrong neighborhood.
  • Funny you should happened last week to me! I will answer the door and politely tell them I am a practicing Catholic and feel very strongly about respecting my religion. Usually they just say thank you and leave some reading material. The odd part is, they then asked for a monetary donation for the reading material. I explained that I already give to selected charities and I own a bible...thanks but no thanks.
    • Butterflies67
      That must have been some years ago! Jehovah's Witnesses do not ask for money for their literature! If you offer a donation that is your choice.
  • they are like any team of salemen. they work and area, and then go to another area, and then to another area. i think they do a good thing. people need to hear and make a decision.
  • We sure do. Sorry that we missed you. Meanwhile.. Here is a nice web site:
  • Count your blessings
  • Jehovah's Witnesses are not looking to find doors with no one home. Many times they will go to a business area, bus and train stops and speak to people that are waiting or on their way to places. Some will walk in public parks or even contact people by telphone if they live in a "gated community". The door to door work is primary but it not the only way to reach people with the message.
  • Yes! They do! In every country there are millions of witnesses proclaiming the good news of God's kingdom!
  • Some zip codes are marked with the sign of Satan.
  • Yes, I live in England and they do come over approx once a month now. They used to come over once a week when I was working at home every Friday, but I do not do that any more, so they only come over approx once per month.
  • Yes, they do.
  • They sure do. They were at my door last week.
  • yes we do.Please read in your bible Matt 24:14 and Matt 28:19.20 the next you see a Jehovah Witness feel free any bible base question
  • Yep, unless you've specifically asked us not to, in which case we'll only come back once a year (just in case you move out, or decide to change your mind or something. If you haven't just say you still don't want to be called on). If you particularly DO want someone to stop by, go to, click on the "contact us" link at the very bottom, put in your name and contact information, and someone will make a point to get to ya ASAP.
  • Sadly, yes, despite my best efforts (there are two under my patio).
  • Some of you have offered up some real zingers in this forum! Lately, from what I can figure, most J.W.'s in my area look to be Hispanic because there are plenty of growing numbers of (no surprise) Spanish only speaking people moving into the area. Most Hispanics are either Catholic or not far removed from Catholicism. The Watchtower seems to have a fair success rate among Catholics because many Catholics have traditions that are not always as Biblical as they should be. The problem is is that Catholics go from one less than accurate faith system and into a system that calls Jesus "a god" not "God". The last time a while back at my house, I was a bit hard on them with my Bible in hand. They fled like rats off of a ship and dashed to their van for common comfort.
  • They sure do ... I saw a group just this morning +5
  • They do, at least around here.
  • I am unsure of that. I don't open my door to uninvited guests.
  • yes they do. A lady was trying to get my address today so they could send someone by. She had the nerve (I am atheist) to say "if they come by let them in and let them talk to you". Right!!!
    • Butterflies67
  • I can positively affirm that they do
  • I don't know if they do that everywhere but I know that some Jehovah witnesses came to my house last winter.
  • Yes and I'm going to start telling them I'm a transsexual Satan worshiper.
  • Yeah. They're bold and pushy like that.
  • Yes, they still come to my door and they are an unwanted annoyance that I am stuck living with.
  • Jehovah God does not ignore those seeking to please him. Illustrating this is the following experience related by witnesses of Jehovah in Iran: “Although it was not possible to speak with the manager [at a certain place of business], his secretary invited us into her office. . . . She had begun reading all kinds of books to find out how to pray and be heard by God . . . “One evening, after concluding her Zoroastrian prayers, this young woman prayed to God in her own words, saying: ‘Dear God, whoever you are, show me how you want me to worship you. . . . ’ “Two weeks later, we called. Many lengthy discussions followed. (Having been educated in a Catholic school, the woman had some knowledge of the ‘Christian’ religion. . . . ) It was not long before she was convinced that she had now found the truth and that her prayers had finally been answered. From that initial week, she started attending the meetings [of Jehovah’s Witnesses] regularly, enthusiastically preaching to others and making big changes in her life and attitude. “As the Bible study with this woman progressed, she came to appreciate that all the books she had been reading in her search for God did not contain the truth, and that, in fact, many of them were associated with spiritism. Gradually, she disposed of more than 40 books, each being worth over 40 dollars. She discarded all her former religious items, including ‘good luck’ coins, crosses, Zoroastrian symbols and those associated with astrology—this also at great personal expense. (Acts 19:19) Thus within one year this young woman dedicated her life to Jehovah.”
  • We'll send some over, right away!!

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