• What do you mean by 'how well would I do?'. I do really well: I'd spend it all at one time and probably wouldn't even get a full grocery bag! Would I be able to eat for a week for $20? Probably by buying a gallon of milk, box of cereal, loaf of bread, lunch meat, hot dogs/buns, perhaps a head of lettuce and salad dressing. That should shoot the $20!
  • I would do very well. I can manage to get my FULL weeks lunch for €8 (8 euros!). $20 isnt a problem :D
  • My trick would be garden. I lived off of less than that a week when I was in the military. Nowadays, I can barley go 9 hours without consuming something. So, as of today, I would probably buy 2 packs of hot pockets. They are about $10 a peice.... it'd work out.
  • $20 doesn't go very far where I live. I'd run out after three days.
  • I do this every week...usually on average its 25 bucks....if you dont eat a whole lot you can purchase cereal to last you a whole week ( assuming you eat 1 bowl a day)...then get some fruit and sammich supplies for lunch...and then for dinner you can range from chicken pot pies, chillie dogs to burritos tacos and more! Ive managed to make some stuff purchased in 1 week, like cheese, dogs...ramen...last thru the next week...which means I can buy less that week.
  • Well, its me my huzzy...and 2 kids. Artie and Jaycee drink 20 bux a week in milk EASY. lol
  • When I was in college and living in an apt (not so long ago), I managed to spend about $25 a week. I'd have to do some trimming and I probably wouldn't eat that well (have you seen the price of groceries recently?), but I could hack it.
  • Lets just say I would begin to love ramen noodles...
  • I could do it. I would go to a Wal-Mart. Since they are trying to take over every grocery store imaginable and wipe out the competition they are going ass backwards in charging zilch for a lot of products.
  • I would make it work. I have had hard times in life and have been there.
  • It would suck but workable. +5
  • I could do it for sure... but I wouldn't be eating healthily! Fruit and veggies cost a bomb compared to the microwave meals and supernoodles i'd have to live off.
  • im english so we use pounds(£) but i bet i could only spend £20 in a week on essential foods
  • I could do it easily. Tinned soup, bread and noodles. I'd probably even have change!!
  • I would do very well spending 20 dollars a week on food. I am a vegetarian, and I usually spend less than 20 dollars a week for food.
  • I can't really cook and, I'd do okay-ish. I'd have canned sardines, cheese, ramen, instant mashed potatoes and dum dum suckers. I'd mix the sardines in with the ramen and, add the cheese to the mashed potatoes. This is the cheapest food thing, 'budget' I can eat without getting really annoyed.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you have a microwave? If so, a bag of potatoes is way cheaper than instant.
  • This is a really old question! 20 now would buy half what it did back then! But yeah, I could do it. I could make a lot of different combos with potatoes, carrots brown rice and onions. A bag of spinach and/or broccoli should give me enough greens. A bag of dry beans and cornbread mix. And I'd need margarine for the potatoes. Large can of oatmeal and some eggs. Second week would be easier because I'd have leftover. I usually only shop once or twice a month. For just a week I could scrape by on half that! And if I get to supplement with what I already have, I could do very well!
  • I live in Australia $20 gets bugger all . $20 wouldnt get one days worth of food here. Grandpa gave the country away long ago.

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