• I like most peoples children although I have met a few kids that I would love to take into the back yard and give them a good switching.
  • To a point. I think your tolerance levels for your own children is higher because of your connection with them.
  • i work in a daycare centre, so i have to for my job. not that it is difficult by the way.
  • depends on how they act towards me. I have to like my cousins as they are children to me, though they can be extremely annoying.
  • Usually I do, even if they are brats. I tend not to like the parents if their kids are horrible like that as they all tend to just take it. Most kids are fine.
  • SOme of the time but I am the type of person that will tell your child NO if you don't. I do not treat other kids any different then my own.
  • Yes, because I play rugby and go to school with many of them
  • No. I had to work with a bunch of young kids for an entire summer once. Totally destroyed my view on kids in general.
  • I like some other people's children, I love some other people's children, and I detest some other people's children.
  • Most of the time. There have been a few I would have rather not been around, but that is rare.
  • For the most part, yes. My mum is a child development proffessional, which is basically a fancy way of saying "I went through 3 years of college to get a degree in looking after other people's kids." So I learned at a very young age how to put up with other people's kids. I wouldn't say that it's really a matter of "Liking" them, because in all honesty, some kids can be real brats. But I like kids in general. And even those that I don't especially like, I know how to deal with them without letting their brattiness effect me too much.
  • Sometimes its hard to tolerate other peoples kids. You can see all there flaws so much clearer than your own kids. Maybe its just as parents we are blind to our kids ( well not completely)! I have a little sister and brother. (17& 12) They truly are in my opinion the worst spoiled brats!!! Always have gotten away with everything! They're adopted and my Moms husband just is not a very good father. It sucks because we would never ever get away with what they do. Kids fault or parents?
  • Yes - and it also depends on how they behave
  • I really like young children. They are so cute(while they are happy). Between the ages of about 5 and 12 they are okay but often annoy me. I don't like most teenagers however(which is sad since I am one).
  • Only if they're on one of those leash things that people have now.
  • I for some reason only like my close friends kids and family members kids and of course I love my little boy but other peoples kids I don't know I really don't like for some reason. It could be because I worked at a daycare for so long and it ruined my opinion on other peoples children in general. But most kids are great!!
  • If they are well behaved, for about 10 minutes. If not, keep them away for good.
  • No, the ones in my neighborhood are demon seed.
  • I am a big kid myself, and actually prefer kids to adults sometimes....I like doing little crafts with them, and face painting and singing and listening to their stories...yes, I like other peoples' kids...especially those in need overseas...I try my best to help as many as I can in Bali (support 7 orphanages) and further afield. The smiles on their faces when they see me each year is worth more than gold. the first photo is in Blimbingsari orphanage and the second is of a little burns victim, Ratih, and her family, whom we have helped find support for. She is a darling,(has suffered so much but still smiles).
  • The only children I like are other people's, because I don't have any. Too many I don't like, some I wish were part of my family.
  • I don't judge a child by it's parents I love all children
  • Yes. And I thank their parents for having I didn't have to.
  • Yes. And I thank their parents for having I didn't have to.

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