• Make it into some sort of weapon. Pour the sand into the shoe, lace it up tightly extend the string and it's a crazy melee weapon.. oh and the ice cube place it into the now empty cup that had the sand in it, let it melt and have a refreshing drink after I whooped someone. LOL
  • i put the string on my finger to remember what i have in mind. i put the ice cube to my berry skittle. i place the shoe on the floor with the sand and plant me a cactus.
  • Hmmm... I'm not sure what I would do with it, but McGuyver would probably figure out a way to escape a Turkish prison with it... Probably put the ice cube on the floor inside his cell, pour the sand on the floor in the corner, scrub the shoe in the sand, making enough noise to bring the guard to the cell. When he can't see what's going on, he enters the cell gun drawn, slips on the ice-cube (like a banana peel), feet flying in the air, landing head-first on the stone floor, knocking him out. Mac would then tie him up with the string, toss the gun out the window, and leave. ;-)
  • Take the shoe and tie the string to it. Wait for someone to put it on. Pull the string so they fall down. Put the ice cube and sand down the back of their pants.

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