• "beaten with heavy clubs and left bleeding in the moonlight." George Carlin
  • Castration... Seriously, if they've proven that they lack the compassion and desire to care for their own children, then they damn sure don't need to be making any more babies...
  • Depends on what they are ACTUALLY guilty of. And the same punishment should be used against deadbeat Moms btw. We also need to punish moms and dads who obstruct visitation rights. We need to make it possible for out of work people to not be unduly penalized for not paying child support - if they lived with the kid there would be the same lack of money, no? . To answer the specific question, I would suggest garnishing wages once a person is found to be in a real violation of child-support payments (that is to say they opt to not pay even though they could).
  • To the fullest extent. Same to Moms who use child support for themselves. It should go to the children.
  • Made to do 200 hours of community service at big brothers big sisters. Then they get used to the idea of kids, and realize they need to take care of their own. Hey, its VERY court ordered to take care of the kiddo's. Then theyll appriciate the ones they have. If it doesnt work. CUT OFF ZE BALLZ!
  • how do u punish irresponsible and unaccountable,shameless, people/parents?????
  • The challenge in dealing with deadbeat deads is how to punish the dbd without punishing his children. Jailing a man for filure to pay is not going to help the child and results in an extra burden on the taxpayer. In addition, being jailed likely means that father has now lost his job, which gives him an excuse not to pay when he is released from jail. It also reduces opportunities for the father to be in that child's life. There is no simple solution. The current setup tends to go very heavy on those who cooperate with the system, while leaving lots of loopholes for those willing to exploit. It's not flexible at all for father's that are willing to pay but facing financial hardship. It also reduces the father to simply being a paycheck, breeding resentment that is towards the mother and the government but ends up effecting the child. Focus should not be on punishing the dbd, but the most effective way to get that father to pay. Gainfully employed fathers are usually not the problem because their wages are typically garnished. That system is far from perfect, but does have its benefits. The system does not have an effective way to address fathers who jump jobs or work under the table. Right now they usually face jail threats, which does not help the problem but makes it worse. Incentive in civil matters tends to be more effective than ineffective draconian measures. Ask yourself, can any of the violent solutions listed so far, lead to anything that will help the child? Most of the answers here seem to forget that harming a child's father does not benefit the child and in some of the more extreme cases hurt that child. I'm not saying we go around giving deadbeat fathers hugs, but satisfying our culture's lust for violence won't help either. The following could help in some cases. No solution will cover all because the status of "deadbeat" is somewhat unclear in our society and the reasons for such circumstances vary ( i know a man who's child support payments were so heavy that he worked three jobs to pay and still fell short at times). 1. Change the tax structure. The parent paying child support pays taxes on income they will never use but are not allowed any tax benefit for the supported child. Although it would be impractical to give full tax credit to both parents, some form of split could be arranged. Another option would be to deduct child support prior to taxing income. 2. Financial hardship is one of the leading causes of deadbeats. Telling laid off or men struggling with their bills that they must pay an amount that literally leaves them unable to pay their other financial obligations rarely leads to good results. Support plans need to be easier to review to reflect current financial status. As it stands now, it is very difficult for a father with a court ordered child support payment to get any relief if he suffers hardship.
  • I meant to put this in a comment...oops!
  • penis chopped right the hell off on live tv.
  • The same way dead beat mom's should be punished. Living with the knowledge that their kids will grow up without any respect for them. +4
  • See...that's the MAIN point of my argument, the classification of not supporting a child as "civil", because it's far from civil...
  • If I would not pay my mortage (or a parent not pay rent) and get kicked to the curb with the kids, and did not work or have the means to feed the kids because I did not have the money to buy food (posibly because of not receiving any support)nor do dress the kids in clothes that are clean or fit the kids. I would have child protective services banging at my door to take the kids away and charge me with child abuse and neglect. I have been fighting with the CSA for over a year to get them to serve a warrent to take my x to court for contempt non payment. I can not beleive what a blunder of BS it is to get them to court for non payment its a joke! It is the CSA that enables these men/women to become deadbeats. In my opinion they should be charged by CPS for neglect and child abuse because that realalisticly is what they are really doing, on top of continueing financially abusing the x-wifes as in my case, and to add insult to injury when the deadbeat does anything that is concidered bailjumping and they are not compliant with their bail agreement (like staying current on support through proceedings) it is the x wifes responsibility to call the cops and report that they are not paying their suport while they are on bail prior to the court hearings. Would you not think that the DA or the child support agency would be checking to see if they were being incompliance with there bail terms. When I call the cops to turn him in they don't have the budget to drive 60 miles to go arrest him for bail jumping so they will just note the case with the court. Shouldn't they not call the local police in that town and have him picked up and relayed in transported back to jail??? It would be less complicated to have him charged with child neglect abandenment and abuse at least then the police take action as its a crime they consider seriouse the cops don't look at nonpayment of support as a crime. By the By my X owes my kids just over $18,000 and has been state hopping to avoid making payments and had quit his job to be sure we would not get a cent, I am on SSI and the kids don't qualify for benifits under me that leaves us 661 a month to live on.
  • I believe that a DEADBEAT Parent; should have to work with a sign on them (Front and back) that reads ... "I Am A DEADBEAT "MOM" - "DAD" , as the case may be .... If they are NOT going to provide for their children ; then lock their deadbeat azzes up; 30 Days for EACH $1.00 Owed !! ... they sure aren't doing any good out in public where they can create MORE kids to neglect ... +5
  • Well, if they are deadbeats usually they are not seeking a relationship with their children so why not make it easy for everyone involved, cut the umbilical cord once and for all. The child or children will benefit from it in the long run as they won't feel ignored or rejected by their deadbeat dad. As they say, it takes a few minutes to be a father but a lifetime to be a dad. Their biological father may have never been a dad to begin with so if that man is "really" a deadbeat, why bother keeping him around?
  • Debtor's prison perhaps? I think I'd have to know by a case by case info.
  • They should be forced too watch videos of there kids waiting in line at the food bank.
  • Confiscation of assets, jail if necessary. +5
  • It baffles me why dads don't want to take care of their kids. But some of them might really have trouble if they've lost their jobs or something. The real actual dead beat dads should be fired from their jobs and made to live on welfare for a year. Two years for second offense, and so on. And not a generous welfare, either. Then they might start thinking, "I don't want THIS for my kids" and straighten up.
  • if and only after DNA testing has proven they are the fathers they should be given the chance to show they want to be fathers before anything happens to them.This works the same for your so called dead beat moms that are stuck on crack or can't keep there legs closed.

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