• You may not consume alcoholic beverages without a parental unit.
  • Nope sorry. Move out and wait 3 years.
  • if the 18 year old is living on their own, paying for all bills and stuff, then as a rule in the context i believe you question is meant yes. if you still live at home then the cliche holds true, as long as you are living under my roof you follow my rules, don't like them, get go pay for your own roof. i would think since you are here you have enough common sense to know you cannot break laws regardless of age.
  • Almost anything they want.
  • They cannot buy LIQUOR or a handgun ... Other than that; they can pretty much do as they please as long as they do not hurt or intrude on anyone else's rights ...OR break a law .
  • it depends on which country they live in.
  • as long as it's legal
  • No one can do anything they want. I want to fly. Can't. I want to drive a Mercedez. Can't. If you are talking about doing something that your parents have told you not to, can you do it? Sure. Should you do it? Hell, no. What kind of child are you that you would dis your parents like that. And, before you go off about the "child" thing, everyone is someone's child and if you are 50 and they are 70 you are still their child and should respect their wishes.
  • sure- they can fly, walk through walls, jump over buildings. like duhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • HELL yeah ma brother your an adult P.s as long as it is legal probly should add that in lol
  • Yes, just don't get caught.
  • No, an 18 year old cannot legally buy or consume alcoholic beverages, and many apartment owners and automobile rental agencies will not rent to anyone under 21 or even 25. Like any other adult, you must be able to pay you own way and follow the laws. An 18 year old can sign and be held to a legal contract, and therefore more places will hire them. No one can "do anything they want" without regard to the law, and without first accepting responsibility for the financial obligations that might come up.
  • they can here in the uk - unfortunately

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