• I planned out how I could rent an apartment near my high school and live there at age 17, but my family would have none of it. I could have done it fine, there was little difference between me then and my 18th birthday when my stepdad sat me down and asked when I was leaving.
  • 20-21 when I came home from College for the sun. I felt out of sorts. I found 20 questions about my whereabouts annoying seeing for 9 months I answered to no one. When I took classes in the summer I knew I would be okay and began looking for an apartment. I felt official when I got a stable job. I try to avoid asking my parents for anything because I feel they've done enough already for me. And it's easy to fall back into child like behavior. I'm trying to get the type income where I can live comfortably without the assistance of a roommate or anyone.
  • When I was 18 y.o. - I left home and went to college and held down a full time job to pay for it all. It worked out fine - I was first in my graduating class.
  • At 18 when I went to college. Worked at night went to classes and made it just fine on my own. Didn't hurt knowing that if I really needed to, I could call mom and dad for help.
  • I moved out on my own at 18. I then became somewhat of a man...thought sometimes I still have not grown up...LOL + 5
  • At age 18, but I was wrong. Currently I'm past the half century mark and in the last 20 years I've been studying behavioral development, as well as reading adult developmental studies. THE FEMALE SPECIES Females don't reach full emotional, hormonal, and physical development until age 24. Their whole view of the world, and those around them, changes at this point. Females who get married prior to age 24 account for 85% of all divorces. They are the anchor of a good marriage, but need the emotional maturity to fulfill that role. At age 24, their bodies are fully prepared to carry a developing fetus with the lowest rates of related problems. Age 24 to 28 is also the peak reproductive period. Per capita, more OOPS children are conceived to this age group than any other, including teenagers. The only reason females are declared adults at age 18 is because the boys are, but without the responsibilities the boys must meet. THE MALE SPECIES Now males don't reach full emotional, hormonal, and physical maturity until age 30. Of interest, this was the point when Jesus Christ was mature enough to leave home. The reason males are Drafted at age 18 is not maturity, but the overall lack of it. In Drafting males who would not have otherwise volunteered, the military has to overcome the inherent reserve against killing. Since the male brain is still so much mush at this point, it makes this a lot easier. As they get older, this becomes more difficult, becoming impossible after age 24. A male over the age of 24, if they marry a female over age 24 (whose very patient), can have a success marriage. But, age 30 is the point where they enter their prime age for the most successful coupling with a female. It should be noted that emotionally and biologically, the male needs the female. A married male lives much longer than one that's single. Married males have less deaths that are cause by stress related illnesses. It should also be noted that living together doesn't improve things for either. Rutgers University Study - Should We Live Together? Cohabiting couples breakup three times more than married couples. Cohabiting couples that later marry have a 46% higher rate of divorce than those who did not cohabit prior to marriage. Prior to full maturity in both male and females, the hormones that drive the overwhelming desires to want something can override the logical sense. This can affect their ability to determine whether it is the right thing to do. These factors can affect the life choices made. Choices that may not be in their own best interest when leaving home any significant time prior to full maturity. At the minimum, a female should not leave the supervision of her parents until age 22, and a male at age 27. This is a standard in Europe. The biggest issue is the belief by teenagers that they are almost adults, and thus can make their own choices in life, when in reality, they are no where close. The result are far too many teenagers making bad choices, and now even younger ones wanting to make those choices because their almost teenagers. I imagine the young folks are not going to want to hear any of this, and most will turn a deaf ear to it, but hopefully, some will, as I give because I care.
  • I moved out just after I turned 17. I was ready and I could rely on myself and look after myself. I think I will always be a child at heart though =)
  • I'm 19 now and just finished my first year at college. So I guess when I was 18. However, I came home every weekend of the year and every holiday. I don't feel like I would be ready to move out for good at this time. i'm home for the summer now and it's good. Having said all that tho, I didn't mind being away from home that much. I think the thought of coming home every weekend helped.
  • 13. i'm just kidding. 18
  • You're making some interesting assumptions here, but I'll answer as best I can. First, I was no longer a child at around age 10. But I was obviously not ready to move out until much later. As a YOUNG ADULT, I determined that I should wait until I had a decent job and possibly a small amount of money for emergencies before considering leaving the nest. I finally did so at about age 20, but my housemate turned out to be a flake job, so I went back home and stayed there until I was ready to marry. No point in straining a great relationship with my parents.

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