• watching more tv like I used to before I bought my computer!
  • This is the closest I've ever come to a chat site, so I would do other things on the net, like youtube more often, I guess.
  • Cutting the grass again, watching TV, taking a nap, playing solitaire, painting something that doesn't need to be painted, bugging the squirrels, sitting at the bar, watching for the postman, playing video games, and some other important stuff that I can't think of right now !! lol ; )
  • I don't go to "chat" sites. I'd still be here.
  • I would be outside already. In fact I'm late... Just this one more answer... :)
  • I have no idea. I used to read a lot but have had multiple eye surgeries so reading books is only done with a magnifying glass which makes reading less pleasureable for any length of time. Being on the computer requires no magnifying glass at all. Now I have a game called "Bespelled" that I play a lot when I'm not on AB and Jim also bought me the Hoyle group of games, including all kinds of poker. So I would play them more than I do now. :)

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