• My children are still small,both under 6. I often listen to classical music in the car. My eldest has learned to appreciate it. He uses his imagination and says he can hear fairies etc. It is also good for them to make their own choices. My mother is a music teacher and she suggests them listening to a wide variety of music. How old are your children?
  • My daughter loves my music. Shes like "MOM, PUT IN BOB MARLEY!!!" or...THATS THE DOORS MOM!!! "Mom!!! I wanna listen to John!!" (john lennon) But she also has her CD's the Kidz Bop n stuff. But...shes cool, she knows good music when she hears it.
  • All the young people I know have had ear phones most of their lives, and they listen to whatever they want to listen to. How on earth would a parent 'make' a child listen to anything?
  • most of the time I have to listen to their music,lol
  • My kids are like me when it comes to music, they will listen to anything so its a 2 way thing
  • Forcing someone to listen to the same music doesn't quite work I think. And why would you? I understand you want to share the fun, but every individual has his or her own taste. Forcing them will only result in them listening to the music you hate most, just to get on your nerve. Let your kids make their own decision. A different taste of music wont harm them or you.
  • I let them choose what they are interested in. I want them to be their own people - not smaller copies of me.
  • I introduced my kids to the music I like & they like most of it & they have introduced me to a number of new bands that probably would never found on my own.
  • My son has always listened to what ever music he wanted. If i had some playing and he was around he heard it, if he had some playing and I was around I heard his. But there was no forcing involved and sometimes we didn't like each others music so left the room.

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