• dance to your fave music as if no one is watching even if someone is, you might be surprised with the results.
  • shit play or make out with a horse...WAY OUT OF THE NORM!!!
  • just danse any where with no music what-so-ever=)
  • go to the airport and people watch
  • try gocarting
  • Skydiving, bungee jumping, hang gliding, catamaran sailing, Glamour Photographer... take your pick.
  • Count backwards from 9,000,000,000
  • I have no idea of what your norm is.
  • That all depends on what you consider to be the 'norm'. I would suggest finding a creek and catching crawdads for fun. Just make sure you put them back after you are finished.
  • Try this yo... Big Bang BBQ Penns Woods Winery July 3-July 5, 2009 Free wine tasting of specially chosen Penns Woods Wines that are perfect for the summer season. Regular wine tasting and wine by the glass and bottle will be available for purchase. Complimentary food to celebrate the Fourth of July in traditional style. Grounds will also be open for picnicking, feel free to bring your own holiday favorites. Live musical entertainment from local singer and song writer, Marc Lancaster from 1pm to 6pm. All events take place at the Beaver Valley Road location, rain or shine.
  • Try what David Carradine did, just don't fall off the chair.
  • i have found that traveling is the best way to jumpstart my reality. do a daytrip somewhere or a short weekend getaway to wherever. ever been to burning man? :P
  • - take a class on something that interests you - go to a ballgame - go on a hot air balloon ride - go out on a sailboat - drive to a woodlands where you've never been and take a hike - visit the zoo - go to an acquarium / oceanarium / aviary - go to your nearest botanical gardens
  • I recommend a week at a nudist resort, just swimming, reading, watching movies, maybe grab an 'escort', and just relax. It's amazing how few people switch their routine to actual relaxation periodically. Remember - there's no objective standard of norm, so when you say that, you have to tell us what activities you consider normal, since we, not being you, have no idea. For instance, my norms include forging hellish idols of suffering and hate out of industrial slag, blowing up stuff at the firing range, and discussing the finer points of ataraxia and apatheia over cigars, energy drinks, and Crysis. These are clearly not a norm for others. Nor are many others' norms normal for me.
  • I dunno. If you've the 'personality' for it, whaddabout serial murder? ;-)
  • Casino gambling or the dog track,horses,(can you see a theme here?)...+5
  • terrorize someone
  • Get laid?

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