• If you do not have a screw-top bottle of wine, this is going to be very difficult to do without getting cork bits in the wine itself. You could gouge it out, but the pressure with which they are pushed into the bottle when bottling occurs means that the corkscrew is really the only effective method. Maybe your neighbour has one you could borrow?
  • Push the cork in. It takes alot of pressure but can be done!
  • you could break it off at the neck while being careful of glass
  • You can push the cork right into the bottle. It'll bob in the wine a bit, but won't break up and leave bits in it. If you try just digging it out with something sharp you'll get cork bits all through your wine!
  • EASY, find a large drywall or deck screw, and screw it by hand or with a drill through the center of the cork. You don't have to go all the way through, but get it in about and inch. Then pull the screw with some pliers, twisting the bottle at the same time. you will eventually get it, and there will be no crumbs in your wine AND the cork is reusable still........
  • A pair of steel skewers, one on each side of the cork. A wood/sheetrock screw and a pair of pliers.
  • I used to use a little implement called a pressure uncorker to remove corks. It is like a sturdy hypodermic needle with a little air-pump attached. You inserted it through the cork and pumped air into the bottle until the air-pressure inside forced the cork out. I gave up using it after experiencing a bottle failure during uncorking. I have also seen a commercial version of the same thing that uses a needle and a CO2 cartridge instead of a pump.
  • Using a large screw can work. If that doesn't work you can push the cork into the bottle. Good luck!
  • Read these answers
  • break the bottle, heat it, use something else to stab it and wedge it out, or shove it in
  • there is a non-piercing corkscrew remover I have, it goes down the sides between the cork and the bottle and you pull it out that way, it grips the cork... I've come close to pushing the cork all the way in while trying to remove the cork though.
  • If you don't have a butler's thief, you could try to improvise one with skewers of some kind.
  • Use a drill. Pull straight out and very carefully. maybe it will work maybe it won't.

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