• Mine registered 25 one day I was told if it's that low you are not conscious enough to know what is going on so I say machine was off.
  • 35mmol/l is very high are you sure that it wasn't 3.5mmol/l. If you did not feel unwell then maybe the machine was off.
  • Are you using the American or British system? In the American system it would be very low, in the British system very high.
  • Did your machine come with a solution to clean then test it on? If so, clean it and try again...if not, clean it off with a damp cloth then try again. You may have to do that other times as well, if it doesn't read right away, especially if you've had it a while. :) My parents older machines was the same way. IF it wasn't just the machine, talk to your doctor right away.
  • 35. i've seen that, not myself but i've seen it. it can fluctuate if you are not real strict regarding your diet, and your schedule -eating-n-sleeping. Simple things can throw the system out of whack. i'm guess ing you were literally shaking all over. I'm curious what you had to bring it up quickly.
  • Oh sweetie I can't help at all with this, no experience but do what you said you were going to do and please let me know how it goes. I am worried cause you sound so scared. Can't have any thing happen to the Queen!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Middle of the night its possible, Low but possible. Only way to tell if your machine is out of whack is to go to the Dr's and have it tested and you test it too. See if the results are the same. Ive done that with my B/P machine a lot.

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