• yes. my grandpa died 5 years ago. even though i did not see him as often as i would have liked to, i still had tons of tears coming out of my eyes at the funeral home. i was distraught, because i loved him so much. he will always be remembered in my heart.
  • My mother 4 years ago..I am still coping
  • When i was 9, my greatgrandma died of old age(100) and at first i didnt really understand what was happening but now that i do, i think about her everyday and all the things she has taught me.
  • my best friend, my father, and my grandmother have died. i was fairly young with all of the deaths. my friend died when i was 12. i took it reallly hard. i thought it was my fault. my father died when i was 8. i didnt understand too much. and i had alot of anger with him. and my grandmother died when i was in 9th grade. she had a terminal illness but was supposed to have been in remission. she was a sweet woman. with all deaths i just look at is as that they are in a better place, that has helped me cope with it i think.
  • Lets see. . . I've lost 2 neighbors who where close to me. One grandparent that I can remember (The other two died before I could remember), 7 (nearly 8) different friends in car accidents. And 2 siblings due to miscarriages. (one that I can remember)
  • yes, all four grandparents, both parents. at first, you go through a lot of pain and rethinking the relationships. I had to go to counselling to work out issues that had remained unresolved. Now it is 14 years since dad's death, 7 since mum's. I still think of them and cry occasionally, but life goes on...there are the living to think of. the fate of the dead is out of my hands.
  • My step-dad was the only father I really had. When he passed away, I felt like the bottom dropped out of my life. I allowed myself to grieve. I didn't judge whatever feelings came up. I surrounded myself with family and friends. We looked at pictures and shared stories. It took some time, but now I just feel him on my shoulder. I talk to his picture too. And I know that the greatest tribute I can pay him is to have a rich and fulfilling life.
  • I had a friend in highschool, she graduated a year before me and she got pregnant and got married, well 5 months into the pregnancy she was in a horrific car accident and her and the child died. I had a really hard time with her death because she was the first person I knew that had died and I was only 18 years old. I was depressed for about a year before I saw a butterly (she had a butterfly tattoo) and I got the sudden urge to get a tattoo of a butterly, so I got it done thinking it was a wonderful way (for me personally) to remember her forever, but not be sad that she's gone. The tattoo is on my wrist where everyone can see it, a lot of people think it was just some stupid mistake. I wanted it where I'd always see it to remind me how precious and short life really is and to make me remember to tell everyone how much I love them because I don't know when my time here will be up. R.I.P Jess & baby.
  • yes, i just got very upset a lot, and i cryed throughout 4 years, a lot, and now i am getting over it,because it wasn;t ment ot be for me. How it happened to this person.
  • Yes, both my great grand parents and my fiancee Jay died. My great grand parent s were easy to deal wit because they were both very old and it was their time. I don't think I will ever get over Jay. His death was sudden and very tragic and I love him too much to ever let him go. I cry alot and we talk about him all the time. But no matter what we do it doesn't seem to help. The only thing keeping me goin gis our sons. If not for them I would have died that night.
  • My grandmother died last year. I'd lived with her for some years at various times. Whenever she'd gotten sick or broken something (and she'd had a heart attack, a stroke, lyme disease, a broken hip, a broken collar & pelvic bone, quintuple bypass surgery, and one other major ailment I can't think of) I'd stayed with her until she was better. She told me stories in the mornings if she felt like talking, about her childhood and her life. She was a wonderful woman. She was 98 last year when she died. She'd already started planning her 100th birthday party, but she got pneumonia. So how did I cope? I'm still coping. I miss her. I cry sometimes when things remind me of her still. But I can talk to my family about her. I can tell my husband stories she told me. Today, I wore my locket she gave me with her parents in it just to remember her. Just keep living, and the coping happens.
  • Yes, when I was 32 yrs old, my husband, 30, passed away unexpectedly one night from a heart attack. The autopsy used the term 'sudden death' and said it occurred due to overexertion, undiagnosed high blood pressure and atherosclerosis
  • My mother died in my home and she went peaceful with all of her family holding her hand or touching her face and hair and kissing her. She died peaceful which is how I dealt with it.
  • yes. this one has hurt me every day since. my mom died mid-semester of 7th grade. i'm in 11th now and it kills me every day knowing that she'll never see my graduation, to be at my wedding, to be there when i have kids, or any other big event in my life or my two older sisters for that matter. and it pisses me off to hear someone say how bad their parents are. they what is good for them until it's gone. i look back and i feel bad how wrong i treated my mom. i miss her with every fiber of my being. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!
  • My cousin Jerrod died a few years ago from a disease that he didnt deserve. I coped by making collages of his pictures and spending a lot of time with my aunt. He was her only child, so it hit her, and me, hard. Quite a few more people close to me died, and it took quite a bit to cope, but I managed.
  • Sure, that happens to all of us. It started for me when the govt sent me off off Vietnam back in the 1960's, when I was a teenager. Then as I got older, my elders began to drop off until all of their generation was gone, leaving me among the elders. The worst is when the kids pass on for whatever reason. It is always heartbreaking to out live those of the younger generations in the family.
  • A day at a time. My Grandfather died in 2005, and I miss him. He isn't that far from my thoughts, I keep him in my conversations, and it keeps him close. When someone who you love dies, you realise there never is enough time, and still so many questions and conversations you never had.
  • My cousin died about a week ago and I went to the services yesterday. It was quite an experience for me since I'd never attended a military funeral in a National Cemetery before. I drove nearly an hour and 15 minutes to get there and pulled up close to where a small crowd had gathered - the services started almost immediately after I arrived. I didn't see anyone I recognized, but that was expected since I wasn't able to visit his part of the family that often. I was even more surprised to learn that the body of the deceased belonged to a 99-year-old veteran lady - who was a total stranger to me. Out of respect, I stayed for the services, but it meant missing the services for my cousin. Looking back, it was rather funny.
  • My former manager a couple of weeks before Halloween on 2021. Moving on means you’ve accepted your loss.
  • took ages to get over death of my mum

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