• My choice is not drink soda: it has so much high fructose corn syrup that I want call all sodas evil creations. (Sorry if I rained on your parade:)
  • We drink Coke products because we like getting the Coke points. You can get lots of free stuff!
  • Soda is the devil. The (let me look at my can) phosphoric acid eats away at your joints. That being said, I drink 8 a day and it's DIET-PEPSI for me. Goes down easier because it is less carbonated. Love that "burn" as I slam back 1/2 a can.
  • I like Coca Cola over Pepsi anyday, but I like Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke. Weird, huh? I love the taste :)
  • I actually prefer coke over pepsi for some of the same reasons you mentioned you like Pepsi. I like coca-cola because it's not as sweet, and has more carbonation.
  • I used to like Coke better but recently found I liked Pepsi better. Not sure why, I just do. But my favorite is Sundrop, the down home taste that picks you up! Ever heard of it?
  • You bring your drinks to restaurants? Hmm, isnt that sort of tacky? I guess you just freak out if they don't have your drink... Not meaning to offend, but there's this one Mickey D's that has a high volume of people who are Asian. They bring there own food in, and sip on coffee for hours, getting refills and just hanging out. That Mickey D's had to put a dine in fee just because of loitering. Dine in fee for Mickey D's?! Who would have thought that was possible?! ;) hee I forgot to tell you my choice; I'll take whatever's available. I just like colas so both are fine with me! :0 ooh weren't expecting that one were ya? hee
  • coke i was raised with it
  • Coke has more caffeine and less sugar. Caffeine has a bitter taste. I rarely drink cola, but I prefer Pepsi over Coke. I associate Coke with being sick, so it's a psychological thing. I prefer Coke with fruit flavors (Cherry Coke, Coke with Lime, etc) over Pepsi with the same flavor additives.
  • BLASPHAMY! My whole family drinks Pepsi. We HATE the taste of Coke!
    • Linda Joy
      Is North Carolina not part of 'The South'?!?! Lol
    • Anoname
      Pepsi actually started in Charlotte, North Carolina - which is considered the south.
  • Code Red Mt. Dew. But sodas are bad for you on so many levels they really are a poison.

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