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  • I'm far from an expert, but in my limited experience it feels about the same. Personal preferences, which body type tuyrns you on more, has a lot more to do with excitement than does percentage of body fat.
  • I definitely prefer the thick girl with a booty. When I have had sex with a skinny girl I was afraid I was gonna break her. Bring on the thick girls. BTW Love your pic, you are beautiful, MUAH!!!
  • oh boy i am about to get DR-ed for this. okay i find that i like both equally on a visual level. But, I am a man never the less and do like to enjoy a skinny girl. but, i have one problem with skinny girls. they dont have a lot of ass. let me explain just a bit. a little bit bigger girl has a little bit of padding. I am not talking big big girls, more in the range of 140 - 180 lbs. well, with this extra padding i dont have to worry about bottoming her out. if you get my drift. see there is a little more ummmm, resistance from behind. I really dont want to offend anyone. its just the way it is. now, skinny girls you just have to becareful and not go so far. it really is the same just one one hand you can be a little more aggressive. I hope you all understand my point. so, bring on the DR.
  • I have to say a thicky thick girl is better with more cushion for the pushing. Don't get me wrong, I like skinny girls too, but my first choice is one with some meat on her bones.
  • I have always enjoyed smaller framed women and skinny women. But, the reality is, two of my wives have/are on the heavier side. My ex to the extreme. My current wife is a wonderful woman who works hard to support us. She has many exceptional qualities. So, if she has a few extra pounds, I don't care. I love her and that is what it is all about.
  • If I had to choose, I would probably choose the thick girl. But just like women say when it comes to size, it's all about the skill. Just because a girl has a fat booty, it doesn't mean she knows how to move it.
  • I am glad you answered..and I appreciate your answer. As far as visual and skinny, that gets into media perception, because thick girls can be way hotter. Either/or can be hot looking visually baby. So visually, either one can get a man going if she has it going on..LOL
  • Thick. No contest.

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