• yes there was one albino girl in our school that was born without teeth and never grew them
  • there are many congenital conditions which result in missing adult teeth (egectodermal dysplasia )but it is rare for no teeth at all to erupt. Here is a question asked on an orthodontic site that might cause you to get help if this has happened to anyone you know. Question: What happens to permanent teeth when they don't emerge. Our son is 23. The xray a number of years ago showed all of his adult teeth waiting to emerge. They never did. His permanent teeth are his original teeth. Thanks ...Visitor from Ontario Canada Answer: There are many things that can happen to teeth that do not errupt into the mouth. The cells that surround the top part of the tooth are called Ameloblasts. They have two basic functions: 1. To make enamel (the hard covering of the tooth which you see). 2. They eat away at the baby teeth and the bone to let the tooth emerge into the oral cavity. When the teeth do not come in, the Ameloblasts can later in life turn on and dissolve cysts and tumors. Or they can eat away at the bone and teeth above them. Oftentimes they do not do anything and things are good. I advise that your son see an orthodontist (a dentist who specializes in braces) along with an Oral surgeon. John Purpura, DDS

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