• Huh??? They do at the gas station down the street from me.
  • They do where I live.
  • They DO sell beer where I'm from. I would have to say yes, it's quite convenient.
  • It would be a tremendous overturning of culture and local practice if they were not allowed to in the U.S. I would be outraged myself if it were put into practice for some outrageous reason. (lol) I don't think any politico would stand a chance in the next standing if he/she advocated it.
  • they sell alcohol here at the gas stations. But from reading the other comments, I did not know they didnt sell alcohol at gas stations in Australia. Also, didnt know you were from Australia either, Kiethold. Its my top place I want to visit before I die :)
  • I have never been to a gas station that also sold alcohol. A liquor license where I live costs about $75,000. And gas stations are frequently targets of crimes here. I would think the station owners would need to hire armed security guards and their stations aren't always large enough to handle additional merchandise, such as refridgerators to hold the alcohol.
  • They do here in the UK.
  • They do here, and I think they should. These are the places that have longer opening hours than most other shops. It is just convenient to be able to go out and buy alcohol at a silly time, or when you run out of wine on Christmas day and the shops are shut.
  • I love the liquor control board we have in Ontario. (L.C.B.O) You can't buy liquor past 10pm and it's the only place ware you can buy it. This keep kids from being able to redly excessing it, not that it stops them, but they just can't walk into any store on the street and steel a 40ozer. If they walk into a LCBO they will be told to exit the building. I think i'm the only one that like this kind of control thow.
  • I do not have a problem with that. In several of the states that I travel to, they sell beer at the gas stations/mini markets and I do not see any additional problems there. I know that for the average consumer, they would not have to walk past the drunks who hang out at the bars. It is a better atmosphere to pass through. The sales of alcohol to minors needs to be controlled closely wherever it is sold.
  • Gas stations are high robbery targets, so are liquor stores... would a combined place be twice as likely to get robbed?
  • they sell beer and wine at gas stations here and it does not seem to be a big issue. very convenient.
  • do you mean in bottles? or in the pumps?
  • Yes but not if they are 24 hour ones. That is just cruel to expect a person to work there.
  • Yes. It is not fair on the sensible majority if they have to suffer just because of a few idiots.
  • Well if they're going to develop ethanol-powered cars, they've got to. :)

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