• Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
  • In a way i did me and my friends wanted to check out some songs backwords cause at the time there was this whole supposedly play certain songs backwards and it had a secret satanic msg on it . We did this with stairway to heaven and i forget the others and we did actually make out some words but thinking back on it after the fact i think we let our imagenations run away with us . Other than i cant say anyone scares me or creeps me
  • "Thriller" still has the power to give me the creeps (RIP Michael Jackson).
  • Yes I think it as a final fantasy soundtrack and me and my couin had it on in the dark and got really creeped out. Also playing some of the FF games there are time where the music creeps me out so i ture it down lol
  • Yes, any music played in porn movies.
  • Rap!!!
  • It was this one slow song on the radio from around the 30s, but it had the creepiest tune ever... and I was driving alone at night. ๏̯๏
  • twilight zone
  • When I was younger Black Sabath's music gave me nighmares so I stopped listing to that idiot Osborn.
  • HAHAHAHA, you haven't lived until you have heard French Rap!! Now THAT is scary, AND creepy, AND the most awful thing you will ever hear.
  • Yes I did! A couple of times and I quit. I couldn't go on listening to it..............It's called RAP!
  • This one did when I was ten years old.
  • Yep... Tubular Bells (though I loved the music) - Theme song to The Exorcist (after seeing the movie)
  • Horror movie themes. Especially ones written by John Carpenter. And the band Opeth for some reason. Slayer used to a little but not really anymore.
  • I heard Bloodrock back in the day and it freaked me out. I dont know how anyone could listen to that and not be repulsed...
  • Tubular Bells (Theme from The Exorcist) creeps me out every time I hear it.
  • The theme to the TV show "Perry Mason" still terrifies me for some reason The theme to the TV shows "Rod Serling's Night Gallery " and " Dark Shadows" Bernard Herrmann's score to Alfred Hitchcock's film " Psycho" Jerry Goldsmith's Oscar-winning score to the film " The Omen " John Williams Oscar-winning score to the film " Jaws " Works by composer Krystof Penderecki ( much of his work can be heard in Kubrick's " The Shining" - a movie I despise ) John Carpenter's music for his film " Halloween " Some parts of Jerry Goldsmith's score to the film " Poltergeist " The entire Jerry Goldsmith score for the film " Coma "
  • anything from kenny g

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