• Would you like people to blow on you? When dogs stick their head out the window they can control when they want to bring their head back in the car, whereas when you blow on them they can't make you stop, they may also see it a form of disrespect from you, like if a person were to spit on you. Also, its the fresh air and smells they like, no offence but im sure your breath is not as fresh as the wind outside. Most of the time when someone blows on a dog they don't expect it which could also cause a bad reaction. Anyway thats what i think.
  • Just a thought... Have you ever seen somone put their hand or arm out of the window into the wind (when driving that is) just to play with the effect and feel? Maybe dogs are just doing the same thing. I don't think you'd like it too much if someone blew on your hand for no reason, and if it were to be blown in the face (like a dog), it would be more annoying and unexpected. Also, if it's just a gentle blow towards the muzzle, my dogs will sniff the air to see what I've been eating.
  • A dog has millions of nerves in his snout (olfactory sense), unlike humans who have considerably less nerves to sense smell. Different breeds have different number of nerve endings (bloodhounds have close to 15 million, while chihuahuas have just a few million). When a dog is in the car they can pick up scents that are for the most part unpleasant (old french fries, smoke, etc.) It would be like sitting in a very small room with an individual who hasn't showered in months or years. As for blowing on a dog, I have no clue. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • i think that dogs hate being blown on because it's like a bug on their shoulder but sticking their head out the is just plain fun.
  • Just asked the a dog and -- Marley says the head out the window is a whole new scent and visual experience every time. Getting blown on is just an aggravation -- give tummy rub, walk, or food all good. She then asked me if I would like to get spit on and can I teach he how that is done.

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