• His slick forked tongue
  • Unlike his predecessor, he actually took the time to learn how to speak the lingo.
  • He is intelligent and literate and has a 'feel' for the language. Also charisma and good delivery have a lot to do with it, too.
  • His teleprompter.
  • He speaks clearly and slowly so everyone can understand using pauses in his speaches after every sentence or point, to let people "chew" on what he has just delivered.
  • His grasp of the vernacular. He doesn't speak above his audience nor does he speak down to them. To see the opposite you can look at Bush. He was interesting in that he couldn't string together a coherent sentence, used words like a 4 year old (I'm the decider!) and still managed to strike a tone of contempt for other people. Skilz, I tell ya.
  • Teleprompter.
  • Nothing really spectacular, he fumbles with the best of them when not prompted. I think after Bush part 2 people would have voted for a blind NYC sewer rat so long as it wasnt a republican. and unfortunately Americans are too lazy to even pay attention to the fact that there are more then two choices when voting for president.
  • I am sure that with the passage of time he will sound more rehearsed, it's just the result of talking for months at a time ahd repeating the same old stuff. But his address to the audience during the election was masterful. Especially in light of what was up there debating the Presidency. Hilary was absolutely impressive, but the Other side would have fared better getting an 8th grader to debate with him. How embarrassing for the Republican party. They will never recover.
  • Not a d*** thing. He is no better than the last 3 presidents that talked their way into office.

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