• Odds are that someone doesn't get that upset without a good reason. I know parents don't want to believe their kid provoked someone, but they might have.
  • You might want to have a talk with your daughter about politeness and shutting the f*** up in movie theaters.
  • He was out of line and went a little overboard. If he was irritated by them all talking during the movie, he should have just asked them to be quiet, move, or stayed calm when getting the usher. There is nothing more annoying than paying bucks for a movie then to have people yapping during it. But he still should have maintained control over himself. And I hope your daughter and her friends learned a lesson about courtesy.
  • The man swearing at your daughter and her friends was unacceptable, even if they were being disruptive during the film. The guy going to get an usher and them being told to be quiet or leave was acceptable. Its expensive to see a movie anymore and you want to be able to enjoy your show without the interuption of chatty teenagers. Which is one why I think children must be at least 7 yrs old before they can go to the movies.
  • Had the gentleman already asked for the girls to be quiet? Probably so, in which case he had every right to bring back an usher. BUT he had no right in swearing at the girls. And yes, the usher was correct in asking the girls to be quiet or leave. You might want to question your daughter a little more as I'm sure she's telling you what she wants you to hear which is typical kid!
  • The man swearing at your daughter was not mature or necessary. Flagging an usher in order to resolve the conflict would have been warrented IF your daughter was obnoxious during the film. Your daughter needs to abide by the rules of the theater; just as the angry man.
  • Well, yeah! Your kid was being rude. Kids do that when they get a little freedom away from their parents. But they also have to learn that, just because mom isn't around, doesn't mean there aren't consequences. The usher did exactly what he was supposed to do. +5
  • With the exception of the swearing, he was perfectly within his rights, and perfectly reasonable.Swearing was a bit uncalled for. It definitely shows that you need to teach your daughter respect for others. People do not go to a movie to listen to teenagers yapping back and forth. Just the fact that this situation developed shows that you need to teach her that when she is in a movie theater she needs to stay quiet. 60% of times I go to a movie, I have to ask kids to be quiet. I go to a film to see and hear the movie. Anyone who disturbs that purpose needs to cork it.
  • Outside of the swearing he most definitely was reasonable. Kids talking in the theatre is rude and disrespectful.
  • Yes it was. When I went to the movies as a kid there were ushers in various parts of the theatre at all times. If they heard any talking or commotion, they went over immediately and let them know that they had to be quiet or they would be shown the door! Other people paid for their tickets and should be able to hear it; as well as, watch the movie.
  • He shouldn't have cussed at her...but the simple fact is, if she was talking she shouldn't have been and that man was every bit within his rights to do something about it. The usher did his job...if they can't sit and watch the movie without talking, they don't need to be there disturbing everyone else who paid to see the movie too!

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