• Loosing a job can probably get you some welfare or whatever from the government, they won't have a problem with it because you didn't choose to quit your job. (Unlike me last year ha ha.) They can probably set you up to get a diploma, they have all sorts of programs for uneducated people. Might be a little hard and the money is tight, but if you show you're willing to work and are ready to take the necessary steps to increase your chances at job finding, they'll hook you up.
  • collect unemployment. look for work with a government agency...state parks, national parks. they like people who are not too educated.
  • What does education have to do with a job? You either have learnt the skills needed (usually not done in unuversity anyway) or you haven't. Sad that society place more emphasis on what college a person attended than on things of real value. One suggestion is to earn a trade skill. You'd be suprised at the hours, benefits and high salary. Heck, most of the world do it - look at Germany. Sady, you wil have to pay for it on your own. Try to get financing if you like that idea. But education doesn't mean people r less intelligent or shouldn't get work; this is a tool used to divide working class people.
  • Try to get some training while you are on unemployment.
  • Don't panic. It's actually easier to get a job if you're not as educated. Employers often say they want someone with a college education, but then they turn away college grads because they do not want to pay higher salaries. In reality, an employer would rather have someone with experience, which it seems that you have. Use it to your advantage. If you think you need to become more marketable, take computer classes, because almost every job requires technology skills.
  • Keep looking for a new job, and not give up.
  • get enrolled in school full-time or a trade program, then keep looking for a can work and go to school at the same your education wisely so that it leads to opportunities for employment.

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