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  • im protective of women but if that put themselves in that situation on purpose than no! =(
  • If I caught a guy raping a woman, prison would be the least of his worries.
  • All the time and I don't even have a red cape!
  • I am very protective of women. A few years back I was coming out of a club and saw a guy about to beat up a woman I went over got in between them and ended up beating the guy up. The messed up thing about it though is the woman pressed charges because I put her husband in the hospital I ended up doing 6 months in jail for this. But I am still protective of women despite what happened.
  • once i saw a boy raping a girl.i punch him twice and i broke his leg.and now that girl really likes me
  • Exactly! So do I.
  • Any time a woman says NO the answer is No you better stop what your doing cause if I'm any where close I will hurt you for hurting a female,and if its a female in my family I'll put you in the hospital and then follow you to jail so I can finish what was started.
  • Me is here. I always respect women and I consider as my responsibility to help and protect any woman without expecting any kind of return from her.

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