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  • Have sex with him.
  • drop him,otherwise you will have to deal with two of the same.
  • It really is true that a man's relationship with his mother will reflect his relationship with you ~ eventually if not now. If he respects his mother and values what she says, chances are if you can respect and value that, you'll benefit in ways you can't imagine. Proud mother of two grown sons with wives who appreciate their relationship with their mother.
  • Tell him to make his mama clean up and cook for him. If she's so great then why is he with you?
  • I think he needs to realize what's going on. You can tell him how you feel, but he'll probably get upset with you and feel like you are picking on his Mother. Although, he might actually listen and take your advice into consideration. Just realize you can't change the situation, he has to. His Mother needs to understand that she raised him as a child and now he is an adult and can make his own decisions. A lot of Mother's find it is hard to let go of their "Babies", but trying to control them is not helping them any. He also needs to understand this. I hope it all works out for you. Good Luck!
  • Nurse him, maybe he will switch!
  • Watch out - He'll drop you if she says to - Or she'll try to control you as well -
  • run like the will never stop dealing with HER.
  • That is tough. This is gonna be the biggest problem you are going to face inside your marriage. Better break him up before you marry him and before the rivalry between you and his mother get worst. He should learn to listen to you if he is decided to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you. I have read in the magazine " A woman is lucky to marry a guy who has deceased mother." Maybe for a guy who is very attached his mother....
  • If he still listens to her after all this time being with you, and he hasnt snipped those apron strings, you are gonna have a problem in the future and of course, if you tell him about his mom now, he is gonna defend her or worse, tell her what you said giving her even more fuel for her fire. She probably doesnt think you are right or good enough for her "little boy". Have you tried talking to HER? Get to the bottom with the cause of the problem. If she acts hostile or rude with you, as much as you love this guy, you had better think about this relationship you have with him. Mom will be around for many , many years. Oh, and don't make him decide between the two of you. You will probably lose. He hasnt picked you over her yet.
  • talk to him about your relationship and about love and dont be scare to talk to him about it
  • kick him to the curb.
  • drop him
  • Galaxy, if you marry this man you will be going from the frying pan directly into the fire. Think long and hard before you say any vows to him. Remember, it's better to walk away five minutes before the "i do's" than five minutes after.
  • you don't bother - leave him and his Mother to it. It's a waste of time and it'll drive you mad. Find a grown-up instead.
  • If something in particular is bothering you - something she said to him or something he did because of something she said, talk to him about it, reason it out, but don't 'dump' on him about her because he'll probably be offended. But you never know, when you speak to him about it, he may be irritated himself by his mother's directions, and it maybe that he gives in to her because otherwise he'll never hear the end of it. If that's the case, he really needs to talk to his mother and sort out their relationship. Also, you could approach the mother yourself and talk to her. It's not like she's Norman Bates.
  • Hang on, I'll just ask my mum what you should do....
  • You must take a stand. He wants to marry you and that means separating himself from those apron strings. The problem is that you will put him in double bind. He loves his mother, and presumably loves you. He is in the middle. If there are no children in the picture, I would advise dropping him. He doesn't understand the boundries, neither does his mother. When you get married she should tell you that she would NEVER take her son's side in a family argument and will ALWAYS take your side. He must take your side, and tell his mother that he loves her but that he is going to marry you. Prediction: He won't. Obviously she is incapable of that, so, it must be goodbye.
  • Put on your Nike's and RUN!!!!! I was engaged to a momma's boy and luckily I was able to break away before it was too late. I'm 24 and he was 36 years old and spoke to his mother several times a day, he had a picture of her on the front of his cell phone, and he would get manicures and pedicures with her all the time. I moved in with him (he bought a house a block away from his mom) and he would invite her over constantly. When she would get up to leave at 11pm he would whine for her to stay and she would!!! It was sickening and painful to deal with. He even told me that he didn't want me cooking anybody's recipes but his moms!!! After we broke up and I moved out, within 3 days of me leaving, his mother already replaced everything I took. She already hung new pictures on the wall, bought him new dishes, new cups, new silverware and even made him a blanket to put on the couch where I used to keep one of my blankets!!! It was sick! I confronted him about how strangely close he was with her and he told her and she told him she never wanted to speak with me again and if he married me she wouldnt come to the wedding because I was trying to take him away from her!!! I wouldn't mind if he had a normal relationship with her, but it was clearly abnormal. He obviously wasn't cutting the strings with her, so I cut the strings with him!
  • i would exit the relationship gratefully and gracefully - and wish them well in finding their perfect partner, which of course would be a 'Daddy's girl" : ) Rather more seriously though - before trying to 'deal' with this man, I would ask you to ask yourself the following question : "Do I wish to be his 'Therapist' - and if so, for how long?" For that is the role you could so easily fall into - and that is a dicision only you can make. I hope you make the right one for you, and I wish you well.
  • The only thing that you can do is move on. Once a mother has a strong hold on their son THAT MUCH, there is nothing you can do about it. He will just think that you are jealous & that his mother is are not good enough for him. Save some face & find someone who isn't so dependent on his mom anymore. There's a BIG difference between a mama's boy & a man that respects & values his mother's opinion. When her opinion infringes upon his decision making, he's a mama's boy.
  • send him back to mommy!
  • Let him be with his mommy! FInd a new guy who isn't so into his mom!
  • I am married to a very sickening mama's boy. He not only listens to her but wants me to respect her. Even thought I respect her, she always has a feeling that I do not respect her and keeps on complaining to her son and my father in law. They believe her and finally I have to say sorry to her on petty issues. Now I am pregnant, I had the intention that maybe my husband would care for me, but he is still more grumbling and uses abusive language that he is unhappy with me and does not want the child since I would be the mother of that child. He always keeps on complaining to his mother that he has got a bad wife, and his mother also supports him. I am a very humble and respectful girl, who does not like to hurt anyone and so obeys them and does not fight for my rights and listens to them. Hoping that things will be alright in some time. But now I am preganant and cant handle the situation. Its taking a mental toll on my health. Please help me
  • talk 2 his mama not 2 him cuz he made me do that
  • encourage him by sayin there's more to life than just parents
  • hm i would dump him. because someday his mom is going to be the problem of your relationship
  • I would not deal with one. It would always be a huge problem in a relationship.
  • OMG galaxy we need to talk I can relate to you completely. My fiance just left me because of a situation with his mom. How did yours work out? I am in such a tough spot right now. He left me, now he thinks he made a mistake, but he is still attached to the womb. What is your email? I would love you to email you my story for advice and hear your story. Thanks.
  • You dont. You deal with the guy who loves his mama but doesnt listen to everything she says. You want a grown man not a little boy.
  • I'm not sure of this answer myself, as I'm going through the same thing - in fact, I found this page because I Googled "how to deal with a mama's boy", as I, too, am frustrated with having a partner that will take his mom's side before mine. His mother gave him a ring of hers and apparently said to him, "when you're ready, you can give her this." There was no discussion about it. Final. A month later he proposed with it, to which I accepted, with an open mind. My only problem was that she didn't let him decide for himself on what he intended to do. The gesture, though understandable and well-intended, was a sign that she didn't think he was capable of making his own decisions. ...and thus, my problem, as this is one of many. We are currently broken up, as the issue is that he doesn't not have my back - he refuses to accept my feelings and perceptions on my treatment by his family. It's annoying, especially when everything else is amazing in the relationship. However, partners without open, honest and assertive lines of communication with their parents are deal-breakers for me. Good luck, and I hope you find your answer out there, and be strong in your beliefs.
  • I hate to say that it is hard to deal with a mams boy since I've been with one for 12 years and NOPE we're not legally married but we have 4 children together and that still did not change anything. I talk to him sooo many times that it was like talking to a brick wall. NOW! Guess what made him change???? His mother framed me and got me arrested so she can keep him and my children. Last year I spent mothers day without my children. I spended $5000. on court fees for the case.(I won of course). Still while all this was going on, he was on her side and testifying against me, put a restraining order on me ect....At the end he thought about how good of a woman and a mother I was to him and his children. Luckily it wasnt to late. I love this man and I spoke to him for the last time and let him know that if it repeats in any type of way,shape or form, he would loose me completly. Now she wants to take family counseling with me. so she can learn how to butt out and get along with me...GeeSHHH it was a tough situation. Think about, it's all I can advice you, cause it's not easy. Good Luck!
  • there is no point in telling a grown man right from wrong.. if he dont know by now then you cant help him!!
  • Dress up like his mother, and then tell him to never listen to his mother. Watch his head explode.
  • gonna bring him a pacifier or milk...hehe..gonna be tough dealing a guy like that...he hasn't his own mind...and he can't stand on his own need to get him a wheel chair..just kidding...i bet i would never deal with him at all...
  • --------------> drop every thing AND RUNS AS FAST AS YOU CAN every thing you leave can be replace GET OUT OF THERE
  • what ever you do don't tell him he has something wrong with his medulla oblongata. remember what happened to "Colonel Sanders" in "the waterboy"
  • You just leave those kind alone, eventually they get tangled and strangled in her apron strings.

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