• As far as I know yes it is. Why wouldn't it be?
  • I've got a feeling that it's illegal, I'm not entirely sure though. On the odd occasion that I've got in a car still with a beer in my hand, I've always kept it discreet, just to be on the safe side.
  • Actually, I think it is legal. Otherwise I seriously wonder why we are allowed to drink alcohol on trains
  • In Tennessee, the open container law, only applies to the driver. no so, in other states. each is different. The driver is responsible for the actions of any occupant in said vehicle, so this may be just a catch-all type of law, here.
  • Its legal. What is illegal is to be drunk in the car in possession of the keys. So say you went out for a few beers, and decided to sleep on the backseat of your car with the keys in your pocket. If a copper came along you could be done for being drunk in charge of a vehicle.
  • I dont know about the UK but I know that over here in germany you can drink while driveing as long as you aren't over the legal limit.
  • In Oklahoma, US, we have an open container law.

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