• Confidentially ask someone on the internet for advice. I know it's a bad idea, but what else can I do?
  • I find that as long as you can trust yourself, all is not lost. You just never rely on or tell anyone anything
  • Keep moving on. Trust in yourself until you can find someone else to trust. Start building new relationships - make your own trustworthy family. Find a higher power to trust in. Protect yourself from those you can not trust - even when it is hard because you love them.
  • Wait. Someone you trust will come through for you eventually. What have these people done to you that you can no longer trust them? I'm sorry to hear it...that's a miserable place to be. If all else fails, look in the yellow pages under "Psychotherapists" and make a few phonecalls.
  • oops! meant to comment, not answer again. pls disregard.
  • Trust is very very important to me. If I did not trust a member of my family for example, I would be very careful in what I tell them in confidence, and keep it light. If it happens to be a friend, if I cannot trust them, I want no part of them. There is no place in my life for people who get 100% from me, and use it to their advantage.
  • Lately, I've asked myself that very question over and over again. I still haven't found much of an answer. I do know that it's times like these that you REALLY have to lean on the WORD to uplift and motivate.
  • Never trust anyone but yourself.
  • been there it sucks but if you wait and pray a real friend and confidon will find you.
  • Go as far as you can away from everyone.
  • Meet someone new and make a new family.
  • ask myself if the situation is really that important in the first place.
  • Keep moving on. I find myself in that place too. Trust yourself. You'll find that its good enough to enjoy your life.

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