• In all likelihood I would save a ton of money getting myself healthier. Crack isn't cheap these days.
  • I don't know? lol I work out a lot and my equipment was expensive so I guess the answer is yes!
  • I am concerned about being healthy, eating good quality food, a variety of things. We do grow some of our own food because of that and expense. But it's just part of our lives, nothing I can separate and say lots of money or time. It's just something we're aware of and do.
  • Only when I visit my doctor.
  • i spend a fair amount on the gym and heathly food.
  • Yes, my gym membership and buying fresh fruits and veggies at the grocery store. Also, the cost of vitamins.
  • More time than money. I always read all labels and have for many years. There are some ingredients that are potentially deadly so we don't eat them. I cook our meals..the only time we go out is as guests of others or if we have family in town and I don't want to spend time in the kitchen cooking. Cooking allows me 100% control of what we eat because I cook from scratch most all the time. Jim regularly plays tennis and occasionally plays golf. We don't spend tons of money on snake oil, gadgets or memberships/subscriptions. We just use common sense! :)
  • Not a lot of money, but a fair amount trying to keep fit. I don't spend much money for health related reasons.
  • I have spent lots of money on mostly my workout machines like my stationary bike,stairclimber machine and my treadmill... They pay off In the end and the are worth every dollar =)
  • Yes I have a gym in the basement. A lot of the things I just had to have and used only a few times. BTW you have some really amazing new pictures in your Bio.

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